Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Katrina Berkenbosch

Transformation Tuesday. I love it! Seeing all the submissions and reading your stories just makes my day. Today is no other exception. The lovely Katrina shares her journey with us after having 3 children and realising even though she wasn't overweight throughout her adult life, her body did change after having babies.

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  • I am 28. My fitness journey be an last July, I was tired of being in denial of my weight gain, usually hovering around 130, I was 160 when I started . I was tied of not being able to climb the stairs. I was tired of feeling "like that". I had always been active as a teen, so I had always been thin. Even after child birth I had gone back to "normal" after kids... Except after my third. Since August 2011 I had been packing on pounds, and once I started working out, two years of weight actually came off in 9 months!!!! 9 months ladies, 9 months. I started with hot yoga. Being SO out of shape, a treadmill was out of the question. Yoga got me stretching again, the warmth eases your muscles, and it's more of a workout than you think. After I gained strength I began the stair master. It's an evil machine, but it makes you SWEAT!! Gaining my lung capacity back, I was able to start the treadmill, walking only 0.5 of a mile in 45 minutes. I continued all of this for 9 months - except now I can run 2.6 miles in 45 minutes!!
  • I love fruits and veggies, I'm not big on chocolate, I'm not big on pop... I eat really healthy generally. What changed was I found wine. I found my daily caloric intake in a bottle. My advice, don't go there ladies. Just don't.
  • I'm not big into sports, other than soccer. I do watch FIFA when it's on, but that's actually about it! And of course the odd hockey game hubby wants to see.
  • My children and painting. Painting is my out, it is the only time I can escape this world and paint my own. My children let me be young, let me escape bills and life, and remember what simple is.
  • It's going to sound silly, but when I couldn't fit into a size 10 anymore. Being a size 3, then a size 5 after kids, I had gained so much weight that my pant size doubled. Realizing that I was going to have to start buying an even larger pant was a really big moment for me.
  • Now that the weight is gone, I plan on toning and gaining muscle. I plan on being able to run 4 miles by summer, hopefully 5 by the winter.
  • Start off small, you aren't going to be a body builder off the bat. You need to be realistic with yourself, and your level of fitness. People quit all of the time because they "can't do it" - walking for 20 minutes and lifting 2 pound weights is working out. 5 sit ups is 5 more than you did yesterday. Then push yourself next week. Do 25 minutes, do an extra rep with the weights, push for 10 crunches. In life we all start out small as babies, and we grow into adults. It's a process that is painful and it takes patience, but if you're reading this you've survived growth up until this point. This means you have the patience and persistence for growth and change. This is your life, and you will the changes. Take charge and do not give up!

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