Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Jemma

Today we welcome Jemma, who has been a Fernwood member for the last couple of years with some wonderful results. TT-Jemma

How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date? I am 20 years old and I have been a member of Fernwood Sydenham for about 2 years now. In the past 2 years I have lost weight and gained weight and always really struggled to get it right. I was always really unhappy with myself and the way I looked, so when the 12 week Foxy Challenge was announced I was so excited to start kicking my goals. Before 'Foxy' I was weighing in at 83.9kg and by the end of the 12 weeks I was 67.3kg losing 16.6kg altogether. The challenge taught me so much about myself, nutrition, and exercise and really was the best thing I have ever done.

What types of foods did you used to eat as a kid and young adult? What's changed since then? As a teenager going through school I really just ate whatever I wanted without really thinking about the consequences. I never took into account calories or my health. Now especially after the challenge I try to eat as healthy as I possibly can, and take into account the calories I consume per day to keep me on track.

Do you play any sports or what sports do you like watching? I do a form dancing called calisthenics; we train once a week for 3.5 hours and also have 6 competitions a year. I have done calisthenics for about 8 years; this also helps with keeping me fit. I also like to watch the football on television.

What are your interests, passion and what makes you smile? During the challenge I became very passionate about fitness and exercise. I am currently at university studying to be a teacher but would love to be a fitness instructor on the side one day.

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change? The thing the sparked my lifestyle change was really just looking in the mirror. I was always embarrassed about my weight and knew I had to do something about it so that I could live a happy life.

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months? Over the next 12 months I would really love to get to my goal weight of 65kg and maintain the results I have achieved throughout the foxy challenge.

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation? The biggest tip I could give anyone is to never give up on something you want to achieve. Everyone has bad days, but the main thing is to get back into it and not look back. Congratulations Jemma, it's wonderful to see your hard work pay off!

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