Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Evelyn

This is another amazing transformation from the beautiful Evelyn who has recently started blogging herself. Her new lifestyle is all about nourishing your body and giving it the nutrients it deserves. She is learning to accept herself physically and mentally one day at a time.

Here is Evelyn's story:

  • I am 20 years old. I have suffered from anorexia Nervosa for six years. During numerous amounts of treatment I have finally been able to stay a healthy weight of 45 kg, 12 kg more than my low weight of 33 kg which was only at the beginning of the year. It his was difficult as I have coeliac disease and fructose malabsorption. I have found that creatin recipes to suit my specific diet and share with others on Instagram and Facebook has helped motivate me during recovery. I am so glad to say I feel happier and healthier than ever.
  • I have always eaten a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. I used to eat a lot of cereals such as weetbix which I had to cut out of my diet due to coeliac disease.
  • Yes I love tennis! I used to play when I was younger and still do occasionally. I go to the australian open each year, it's my favourite. I also enjoy dancing and pilates.
  • I love baking and creating nutritious sweets and snacks! My passion for nourishing the body with healthy food inspired me to start up a blog. Since then, I have helped others suffering from eating disorders, it has been amazing and I will continue to do this forever,
  • When I was told I was not going to live much longer by a doctor at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. My bmi, blood pressure and heart rate was dangerously low.
  • I aim to help motivate others suffering from any food intolerances or body dis morphia and those suffering from eating disorders. To help them believe how ebautifuk they are, to acknowledge that food is not the enemy.
  • It's not easy, it's very hard and I still struggle everyday. But if you push yourself and ignore those hours, you can control your life. Eat fresh healthy nutritious food. Ending count calories, count nutrients. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Thank you so much Evelyn for sharing your story with us today. Keep up the amazing work and inspiration.

Much love and friendship,

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