Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Cindy

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday on it brings me much pleasure to introduce this beautiful lady Cindy, who shares with us her new fit and healthy life. You look amazing and I wish you all the success in the future as you pursue your career in the medical field. If you too would like to share your new healthy lifestyle please submit your story here.


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TT Cindy

How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date? I am 39 and I began my journey a year before my daughter was born 2009 ! Than I became pregnant kept on exercising up until she was born , but my hubby became ill and she was a infant so I had to take a year off to care for my husband and daughter ! Started back up when my daughter turned a year old 2011.

We ate the traditional Latin meals like rice, beans , chicken, tortillas & tamales . My mom was always working to support us so we were latchkey kids eating most foods out of a box ! She did her best to make sure there was food in the home but she was never active as far as healthy eating was concerned only surviving mode I suppose ! Since than I became an advocate for myself and my family and began to read and research healthy foods and their healing power! My husband was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and later Wegeners Vasculitis and I wanted to ensure that the foods he was eating would help him and us become healthier and stronger so this have me a bigger push to stick with this lifestyle

I like to watch soccer and boxing ! I put all of my children in this sport they have been playing soccer for three years now

My interests are weight training it is a passion of mine to become a trainer but with a purpose not just tough people's lives to become connected and build relationships and strong bonds ! Not for profit just because it me paying it FORWARD and giving back.

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change? I decided that it was time for a new outfit stepping into the dressing room and trying on a size 18 pants realizing that this size no longer fit me !! Reality check hit me that I was ballooning upward and that the next step was to help myself so that I would be there for my family and so that I too would be happy

My dreams and goals are to finish school ! I am currently studying to work in the medical field ! I just ran my first Tough Mudder , signed up for a 5k , lose body fat , & zip lining I was too heavy to zip line before so I want to try this as well !

I would like your readers to know that loving myself has helped me push towards my goals ! I hated my body it and this hate kept me from attending social gatherings , I shunned away from photos , I couldn't play with my children ! Learn to love yourself accept your body and strive to change it , it will not happen overnight , it takes dedication , hard work, the occasional tears but don't give up ! Yes there will be times that you want to give up & that's normal but don't ! Day by day , step by step , rep by rep it will happen stay consistent stay dedicated because change will come

I have instagram Fitluvinmom

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