Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Christelyn AKA Fitness Mama

A great Transformation Tuesday story, thanks again for sharing your journey with us Christelyn. Keep on inspiring and for more information on this beautiful lady, click on all the hyperlinks below.


My name is Christelyn and I am the founder/creator of Fitness Mama.  I'm a full time wife and mother of two kids ages, 7 and 2.  I'm a certified LVN and a certified Hot Hula Fitness instructor in the Sacramento area. 

The past year and a half has been life changing not only for myself but for my family as well.  We changed from an extremely unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle to a healthy, active lifestyle.  The road has not been easy and there have been ups and downs.  Having to balance being a wife and mom and the daily routines is hard enough.  And then incorporating time to workout is a battle within itself!  It took a lot of courage and perseverance to even begin in the first place. I knew that if I didn't change, my kids' unhealthy habits would definitely take a toll on them when they got older.  To date, I've lost 60 lbs and still working towards my goal.  Click here and here for more about my weight loss journey.  And then here and here for more about how I got started.  It has become my passion to help others to become more healthy while facing life's challenges.

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