Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Belinda

I love Tuesdays! They totally make my day as we share so many people's life changing stories on what fitness and diets work best for them. We are all different and need to be able to find that perfect combination. The amazing Belinda, mother of 2 shares her story with us today and I am totally inspired as she just shows us how to get back on track after being a ironman triathlete.

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Until then, keep focused and healthy!


TT Belinda

  • I am 37 years old and have two children 9 and 6 years old.  I used to be an ironman triathlete and got stuck in the rut of swim/ride/run and eating whatever I wanted because it would burn off- training that much.  However after having the children I realised my same old routine did not work anymore.  My good friend  suggested I try the blood type diet to which I started to notice big changes with my whole body - skin included.  I also joined Fitness First and started combining cardio and weights.

  • My diet consisted of food that was generally healthy however it was not clean.  I did eat large portions and also ate what was leftover from the kids dinners.  By the way - this is the biggest killer for a mum putting on weight. Don't eat the crusts! :)

  • I love to watch and play sport and have always been very active.  In the blue bikini photo I still was exercising everyday - walking and or running it was just my body needed to do something different.  It needed a shock exercise program - no more endurance cardio for me.  I needed quality sessions that were time efficient.

  • I love my job - I am a primary school teacher and I get to spend my day enjoying the company of fresh young minds.  I also love to cook for my family and skateboard with them in the street.  I love to be at the beach in the outdoors with my wonderful friends.

  • The thing that changed my life was the diet change- well lifestyle food change! I had to read to learn what suited my body and changing my mind set of a quality training schedule.

  • Over the next few months I'd like to continue on the same path and enjoy being me!  Spend more time with my family enjoying the beautiful place we live.  I'd like spread the word of Health + Happiness =BEautiful!

  • No.1 - find out what blood type you are and food that makes you feel unwell.
  • No.2 - Do a variety of different exercises - gym circuits with weights, circuits and yoga.
  • No.3 - Walk every morning before breakfast with  the family or dog or headphones.

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