Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Andrea Allen

Let me introduce you to Andrea. A mother to twin baby girls born 7 months ago. Read her story on how she got her body back after giving birth only 7 weeks after having them. There were some struggles conceiving these precious little angels but with turning her eating habits around she was able to focus on leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for sharing your healthy journey with us Andrea. You look amazing! Keep up the fab work! 

Much love and friendship,
Andrea from Deliciously Fit N Healthy 7 weeks post baby
  • I started my journey as a freshmen in college. I had a rough breakup and I went to the gym one day to get 
    out of my apt and clear my head. I felt invigorated and alive for the first time in a long time. That 
    developed my love for exercise. I got certified as a fitness instructor shortly afterwards.Then after tearing 
    my ACL playing lacrosse I realized I needed to eat better so I started my healthy food journey. I enjoyed 
    learning so much about health that I changed my major to Public health education! 6 years later my 
    husband and I had to do fertility and the doctors told me to stop exercising and to eat more junk. It was so 
    hard to feel not in control but I had faith if I followed my instructions I would conceive. A year and a half 
    later after 3 inseminations I became pregnant through invetro with baby girl twins. I was still restricted for 
    the first half of my pregnancy but I always did all I could no matter what. Once I was ok'd I continued to 
    exercise up until labor day. My determination helped me recover fast as well. So now I am back on my 
    journey free to push myself to my limits and experimenting in the kitchen again. Its sooo exciting!
  • I use to eat cup of noodles everyday after school in highschool and when I went to collage I would eat a 
    PB&J sandwich and then go crawl in bed. I use to make pans of brownies all the time and eat diorites and
    hamburger helper alot as well.
  • I played sports all through high school and collage and club lacrosse for BYU. Thats when I tore my knee 
    and my healthy food journey started. I also enjoy watching football with my hubby!
  • I love my hubby and two baby girls. They bring a smile to my face everyday and remind me any sacrifice 
    was worth having them. I love traveling and enjoying trying new places to eat at. I am totally a foodie!
  • The breakup started my fitness journey and my torn ACL started my health food journey
  • I hope to inspire other people that getting fit after pregnancy is TOTALLY possible. I to help people know
    they are not alone and if they have questions they can ask. I have an instagram account where I post 
    healthy recipes and workouts and have started a blog to assist with anyones fitness journey.
  • It takes work. I didn't use being pregnancy with twins to be an excuse. I tried my best every day before
    they were born and after to get my fitness on and it was so hard some days. But i kept trying! Its easy to 
    find excuses but its hard to find solution. (my transformation photo is 7 weeks after labor)

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