Fitness Transformation Tuesday with Alli Abott

So many of us have different views on how our body should look and feel or what the perfect fitness body should look like. Some of us have kept fit and healthy most of our lives and majority of us, not so much. Today Alli shares her fitness journey and I would like to congratulate this gorgeous woman for competing in her first bikini competition. You go girl! I wish you all the very success in the future and keep on inspiring.

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  • I recently turned 23. Fitness has always been an important part of my life. I grew up playing Softball and Volleyball, and played volleyball at the NCAA level. Although I have always worked out for sports training, I started lifting weights and getting serious about my nutrition two years ago. Although I was strong and "in-shape," I felt I could take my physique to a much higher level, and set out with that goal. Ever since then, I have been so fortunate to receive great support, both from family & friends, and on social media sites like instagram and twitter. Recently, I competed in my first NPC Bikini competition, which was an amazing experience!
  • I didn't pay much attention to my diet growing up. Since I was always playing sports, I always figured I was burning off whatever excess calories I consumed. My diet was full of simple sugars/starches and was not consistent. Over the past few years, the biggest changes I have made have been adding in more protein and limiting my simple sugars/starches. Also, I have tried to take the calories I would eat in three large meals, and spread them amongst 4/5 smaller meals throughout the day to keep my body fueled.
  • I play both softball and volleyball. I like watching all sports, including hockey, basketball, football, baseball and of course, volleyball!
  • I have a tremendous passion for fitness and health, particularly in the setting of children and families. I think that the habits we form at a young age can make lasting effects on our health for years. It would be one of my dreams to work in some way to increase awareness about eating healthy and exercising.
  • Honestly, it was looking in the mirror and not feeling my best. Working hard to stay fit, I am so much more confident in everything I do. Being healthy has so many benefits - a strong body makes for a strong mind.
  • I hope to compete again over the next year, keep making improvements in my physique, and continuing to get more involved in the incredible fitness community that I am still pretty new to!
  • There are many diets and workouts out there. First, everyone will benefit more on one particular routine than another. It takes time and patience to figure out what will get you the results you desire, so don't give up. Second, ANY positive change you are making in your life is important, even if it seems very small. It is so much more important to pick a routine that you can be CONSISTENT with, even if it will take a few years to reach your ultimate goal. Stick with it!
  • I LOVE interacting with members of the fitness community, it keeps me motivated!

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