Fitness Transformation Tuesday interview with Melissa Sanchez

Another sensational transformation story.

Let me introduce you to Melissa Sanchez from Major Weightloss. She speaks open and honestly about how she nearly fed herself to death. She just loved to eat. Up to 5,000 calories per day, she didn't care until one day something just clicked.

Read her amazing story below. I think she is incredible, such courage and determination. Congratulations!!! You look amazing Melissa.

For those that wish to share their new healthy and fit lifestyle please click My weightless journey - Melissa Sanchez

  • 45 yrs old. I was consuming up to 5,000 calories a day I reached 502 pounds I experienced major health problems I didn't want to live anymore I lost 262 pounds in a year and a half 
    Hi, I have been big my whole life. As I got older I got bigger, no real reason just loved to eat. As I gained weight I cared, but food was my comfort, whether I was happy, sad, stressed, bored, it didn't matter I loved to eat. I hated looking in the mirror as I reached 502 pounds. I went to work and nowhere else because I was so ashamed of what I had done to myself but again, food was good! I couldn't wait to go home and eat. I didn't eat just a little, I could eat a whole cake, a couple of pizzas, chips, anything that was not good for me not knowing I was slowly killing myself. Then I would lay down and not do anything. Eventually I did some tracking of my calories and discovered I would consume 3,000 to 5,000 calories a day. If my clothes didn't fit I would just by bigger ones. I was wearing a man's 8x shirt, and leggings 4-5x. I didn't care. I was so unhappy that I was born this way and that God made me fat! I eventually changed that thought. So for years and years I didn't see my family, only my man Jeff Wolf, he loved me no matter what I weighed, he never said anything. So to me I was set in life, I had a man and a good job. I missed work often because I was always sick. I was not taking care of myself. I hated everything and everybody. I was mad all the time! One day in 2009 I was driving to work (graveyard shift, I still work there and go everyday). I wished that an 18 wheeler truck would hit me and I would die! Right when I thought that I said to myself "did I just wish that"? So for a few days I argued with myself. My doctor said I needed to lose weight, all my blood work came back horrible! High everything! Blood pressure, cholesterol, liver problems, etc. My lower legs started turning purple. I will never forget the looks that I got from the public, it was horrible!!! So I saw this ad for HCG. I spoke to Jeff about it, I told him I need to do this because I'm killing myself, and I can't even fit into your truck anymore. He looked at me and said, "if this is what you want to do I will help you." So, I ordered it online, followed the directions, and from 502, I got down to 240 in a year and a half. I lost 262 pounds in a year and a half! But I got tired of it, got off it, gained some weight back and got back up to 310. Then I said, "NO WAY!" So at the beginning of last year (2013) Jeff bought me a treadmill and boflex. I started doing that everyday. It was slow at first, I could only do it for like 5 mins but I kept it up. I started losing weight and thought "oh my God this works!" I am currently back down to 240. I work out 2 times a day, I lift weights and do my cardio 6 days a week with Mondays off. I eat healthy now because I do not need that bad stuff in my body. I'm in a 1x girl shirt and 22 jeans. My first goal is 200 pounds, then go down from there. I have to give a lot of credit to Jeff, he had helped me through this, he works out with me, (he's not even fat ) but he is my support, my family. I have co workers who support me and help me now, but I started this by myself. I looked in the mirror and spoke to myself out loud and said, "you did this, you have a food addiction, and only you can change this". I made up my mind and that was that. Now I'm loving myself, I have people asking me how I'm doing it and can they work out with me. I am finally happy and I finished my goal. Because I love myself enough not to kill myself by eating, I have my daughter's and my grandchildren back in my life! I want to grow old and see them grow up. I had to learn a lot of things, it was hard and still is. But this was a life experience that I had to go through for some reason. I just wish I could get this out there and help that one person who feels alone, that nobody wants to help and nobody understands. Because I do. I was that girl who wished she would die! And now I am that girl who loves to be alive!   I also made my own Facebook page called My Weightloss Journey where I share my weight loss experiences as I go through them. Thank you, I have never told that story but I plan on finishing my book. I just want to help people    
  • Pizza, chips, hotdogs, etc. I eat healthy, no sugar, no starch, no salt.
  • Ufc, football, hockey.
  • I love animals, animals and children make me smile.
  • I have grandchildren and I want to see them grow up.
  • I've lost 262 pounds, and have quit smoking. 45 days smoke free.
  • Anyone can do this. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you can achieve anything. It's your life, the only person that can Help you change is the person in the mirror.

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