Fitness style Food style Street and Home style

When I first came up with my Fitness Food And Style name, I wanted it to capture everything that was stylish in the clothes we wear, home environment, the way I prepared our food and of course feeling stylish when working out!

I was over the daggy tracksuit pants I was wearing that was covering my overweight self and our home looked like a tornado hit it, with so many toys and clutter everywhere that I just wanted to simplify the way we were living. The kids had far too many things, a lot more than I did growing up and that also included my wardrobe. I am such a hoarder. So that too needed a change.

Here's my little snapshot gallery and inspiration when it comes to what Fitness Food And Style means to me.

I try and keep my wardrobe staples to a minimum these days, a great dress, jacket, a pair of jeans, boots and of course accessories just finish off the look.

Jump in style. Active range provided by Stylerunner

When it comes to my fitness style, the brighter the better. Feeling and looking great when working out gives me more zest in life and I love sharing with you the amazing brands I work with and thank Stylerunner for the active range they provided me in my recent photo shoot.

I love everything that has anything to do with food. I love the vibrant colours, the plate arrangements when food is presented to me and of course I try to do the same when preparing and cooking food for our young family.

Picture source: A danish home

Our place is under construction as we revamp our home style with some fresh paint, carpet, floor boards and general decorating and style pieces. We really need to make use of our family room which we will convert to the kids creative space where they can have their 4 individual designated space with cupboards and desks for their little imaginations to run wild.

As you know I have the amazing Melissa from Foxtrot Studio and Furniture helping me with our home decorating and you can read more about the first room she has styled for our

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