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Let me introduce you to Ranil, a personal trainer, strength and conditioning, athlete trainer, author, motivator and much much more! with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I was totally pumped when he agreed to be interviewed and share his 5 Fitness Food And Style ethos.

Ranil Harshana - PT extraordinaire  

1.   What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

Since I train lot of athletes locally/ internationally and conduct workshops, I too train and eat like athletes who are younger than me. I  have different periods in my training program which includes 2 peaks per year, in this time I push myself hardest and try to peak higher than I achieved my last peak.
Here is a 6 month cycle for me:
1st month- Basic muscle conditioning (in all planes of motion 3x per week & improving my cardio vascular/respiratory base, lot of mobility combined with stability work 3x per week)

2-3nd month- Hypertrophy 4 times per week combined with CV/R training(x2 per week) with stability and mobility

4rd month –Strength Training 3x per week 2x Anearobic with flexibility

5th month –Power training & SAQ 4-5 times per week

6th Month – Power Endurance (Activity specific metabolic demands) for me personally my hobby is combat sports/martial arts (Muaythai, MMA, Kravmaga, Kapap, Sword fighting, fencing, stick fighting and tennis so I try to match up to that demand).

2.   Describe your dream meal - what could we expect to find on your plate?

Morning – Oat meal/Muesli with Greek yoghurt, Cinnamon , Bees Honey, Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Kiwi,walnuts/almonds and 1 cup of Colombian Dark roast Coffee Or Kopi Luwak (from Indonesia) 


Lunch -  Egg whites /Wild Salmon/Turkey with whole grain pasta/tortilla wraps with loads of greens and vegetables followed by green tea

Dinner – Turkey/Beef/Seafood (love crab/lobster/prawns with vegetables+ Complex carbohydrates and a lot herbs

For Snacks – Whey protein with flax seed and fruits

Once a week I let myself have one of my favorite foods which are Italian, Spanish and Thai.
3.   Who’s your go to style icon - who have you always admired for their style, and why?

a) Clint Eastwood 
b) Jason Statham 
c) Hugh Jackman  

As they dress in-line with their personality and to the occasion.

My go to brands 

i. Dress up – YSL or ARMANI
ii. Casual – Guess (USA) or Burtons (UK)
iii. Sports – Under Amour
    4.   What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?

    (a) Punctuality
    (b) Integrity
    (c) Speak my mind
    (d) When I set goals I follow it through to the end no matter what

    I give it my all even when I have the rest of the world would laugh at me. This happened to me when I came into the fitness industry16 years ago. My friends, family etc would laugh at me but I was was inspired and looked up to roll models like Bruce Lees, Axl Rose (of Guns and Roses), Richard Branson, Sly Stallone, my Grand Father (they didn’t have much in life but they did what they love against all odds and made it happen for them). In my adult life my fitness mentor JC Santana has been an amazing inspiration because he is someone 'who talks the talks and walks the walk'. Respect and gratitude will go to all these people. 
    5.  Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

    a)   My HTC Mobile as I handle my multiple business' on this device. Having a world class performance studio, staff, training clients, conducting international workshop for corporate clients and professional athletes junior and seniors, models etc... handling my Twitter, FB, emails, getting news, since I travel have to stay in touch with family, friends, clients, followers ,youtube, fitness mobile is a MUST.

    b)   I always carry a home made muesli bars, plus a Protein bar just in case I miss a meal due to heavy work schedule. I need decent nutrition to get me through until I have a proper meal .

    c)   I love reading so I always carry a book (paper back J ) I am currently reading “Book of Five Rings “ by Miyamato Mushashi



       6.  What was the most memorable sporting event you have attended?

    Paralympics 2008 China and 2012 London that’s when you live in the village during the event and see differently able athletes giving their best, enjoying life, friendly and happy. Unity. It’s a real blessing and inspiration to change your life. After living the life, excuses don’t count personally I evolved as a person, mentally and physically by training my athletes, socialising with other athletes, that is an experience that money could never buy. You got to live to experience it. Its how they turn their weakness into world class strength. Totally amazing and total respect.

    What's next for Ranil

    Ranil has changed his life for the better in so many ways that his intentions now are to innovate and give something back to the fitness seeking community. He is creating a fitness brand TENNIBPM™(body performance matrix) which is a total fitness solution for kids, teens and adults using minimum equipment, with a certification program for trainers. Also Patant pending fitness, he will keep us posted with this one for sure!

    He is releasing his first ever book "Tennis Fitness" by Ranil Harshana available through end of this month.

    Ranil's hottest tips

    a). Men & Women have different set of hormones and different genetic factors so a customised eating and training plan go hand in hand.

    b). Try to compete with yourself  “be better than yesterday or your last session”.  If you do decide you want to be good as your role model you need to be willing to put in the hours, dedication, commitment and sacrifices.

    c). Create your fitness plan and keep track.  It's not the hours or the fancy moves that matters it’s the workout that fits your goal and it should be backed by specific eating and resting to support the cause.

    d). Always consult your local fitness or performance professional before starting any new exercise regime. It's well worth the investment before you take advice check for credentials, proven track record, experience and references. If it’s a green light you're in good hands.

    e). It take times. Don’t rush. Do a fitness assessment every 4 weeks so that you can tweak your program

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    Thanks again Ranil for sharing your amazing journey with us and for offering to answer any questions my Fitness Food And Style readers many have. We look forward to following you and your future fit endeavours!!!! For those that wish to connect with Ranil, I highly recommend visiting him at;

    Twitter : RanilHarshana@RanilHarshana

    Youtube Channel : Ranil Harshana

    Web :

    Please list your fitness questions below and Ranil will be more than happy to reply.
    Much love and friendship,

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