Fitness Food And Style turns ONE

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear Fitness Food And Style. Happy birthday to me!

Fitness Food And Style turns 1
I can't believe it's been an entire year since I googled Blogger and created my blog. I had several girlfriends tell me I had to share my new healthy and fit lifestyle with the rest of the world. I told them who would want to follow me? Low and behold over 100,000 followers later!! THERE YOU ARE! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support.
Here's a quick snapshot of the last 12 months.
June 2012
I created my blog and Facebook page. This face now goes out there in the world wide web as Daniela Stevens Creative Director of Fitness Food And Style
Dani Stevens Fitness Food And Style
I share all my post baby transformations and hope to motivate others that you can get your body back after having babies. I have, after 4!!!
Post baby number 2
Post baby number 3
Post baby number 4
I started getting better with my food choices and no longer gained over 30kgs over my pregnancies. Hence wanting to share the15 minute workout program I have been following for the past 6 years and healthy eating. No more yo yo dieting.

July 2012  I start my own 6 week Transformation Challenge and document what I eat and the 15 minute workout program I follow.

Fit Yummy Mummy Transformation Challenge

August 2012  We celebrate two birthdays. Our first born Noah turned 7

Skylanders birthday party

and baby Zali had her 1st birthday.

1st birthday party baby pink

To ramp up my 6 week transformation challenge I pick up the pace and do a mini ab challenge to see if I can motivate myself and YOU to eat healthy and eliminate sugar within 12 days.

I also start to train for my first ever Ballarat fun run. I am no runner, so this was a huge challenge for me.

Run Ballarat

September 2012  I get really excited about blogging and can't believe there are 60,000 page views in 3 months and my readers/followers on Facebook start growing from 20 people to 1,100. I am truly grateful that you are all enjoying my blog and my fitness, food and style journey xx

Fitness Food And Style reaches 60,000 page views

October 2012 Busy birthday month again with 2 parties and I officially complete my first ever Ballarat fun run and take a picture with Olympic champion Steve Moneghetti.

Steve Moneghetti and Dani Stevens

I even appear on the front cover of The Ballarat Courier which totally blew me away!!!!

Our sweet darling Mietta turns 3 and has a star party!!!

3 little tin cakes 

and we finally get to celebrate my darling husbands birthday

November 2012  Our pool project is slowly coming to an end, I participate in a yoga challenge for the month and realise how much love and passion I have for this particular movement and we celebrate Oscar's 5th birthday and have a pirate party!!!

Pirate party

December Finally we wrap up the year with no more birthdays (except for JC's on Xmas Day). I kick off my first official challenge and run a #xmas25squats challenge on my blog, Instagram and Facebook which took off!!!!!

I also clock over 100,000 pages views on my blog and have 2,000 plus followers on Facebook and over 5,000 followers on Instagram. Really enjoying what I am doing.

Squats challenge #xmas25squats

We took some fun squat pictures and Christmas is always a great time of the year with our kids, friends and family.

January 2013 I now get hooked and start challenging you all to join me in my monthly fitness challenges, on top of our normal workouts we do. This month it was all about planking and we had some amazing pictures under the #planksjan2013 hashtag. My results weren't too bad either.

Planks challenge 2013

I also gain a lot of Instagram followers with 15,000 from people tagging my challenges and sharing with their friends.

February 2013 This month was HUGE!!! I had so many of you participate in my No Added Sugar 14 days challenge and even got a mention in the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe blog. The I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson ebook was a fabulous recipe book, with so many options to assist to curb my sugar cravings.

No added sugar challenge
I also get an exclusive 10% discount for all my readers for the awesome 180 Nutrition protein powder I use. I love it!!! Don't forget to use the promo code 264464 at checkout any time.

March 2013 This month it was all about push ups and eat more greens. I collaborated with @tonedtannedandfitness from Instagram  #pushupsgreens, celebrated my 39th birthday and clock 39,000 Instagram followers. I also go to my first ever blogger event Digital Parents and meet Klaus Bartosch who invites me to be part of the Vision Crusaders team.

Push ups challenge

So many cool pics with people doing their push ups all over the world.

Push ups challenge

April 2013 With all the greens we pushed up in March what better way to continue this by eating fully raw!!!  Stand up and be RAWESOME was a very challenging month for me to say the least. I really had to increase my calories & fruits a lot more but didn't manage to eat enough, so I ate a 80/20 fully raw diet as my beautiful Kristina at Fully Raw coached us along the way.

Fully Raw and Fitness Food And Style

Our kids loved this challenge and their Incredible Hulk AKA Shrek smoothie.

May 2013 We take a little bit of detour from fitness challenges and we focus on every day things and a little on style with my #photoadaychallenge.

Photo a day challenge - Fitness Food And Style

I also feature in the Lorna Jane move, nourish believe blog and meet Lorna Jane herself.

Lorna Jane and Fitness Food And Style

I have a busy month campaigning for my Vision Crusaders Ride To Conquer Cancer and I meet so many amazing people online that are helping me achieve my goals. Special thanks to Andrea for making this clip for me by Biz Promo Video. June 2013 This is wind down month where we focus on our spirituality and connecting our mind body and soul. I have collaborated with Grow Soul Beautiful with this months yoga a day challenge. Facebook fans nearly clocks at 10,000 followers and Instagram hits 83,000 followers. I am blown away!

I also started my #richardbransonproject and appeared on Win 9 News and our local newspaper The Courier with our kids primary school holding up the sign.

Source: The Ballarat Courier

So many signs across the world holding up this sign asking Richard to come ride with me. I am blown away and can't wait to receive his reply.

Richard Branson Project

This has been the best 12 months EVER! I thank every person that has contributed to making this such an awesome year! Even if you are not listed by name here, you are never forgotten as you are the reason why I am here. You mean so much to me and I look forward to more adventures in 2013 and beyond!

Which reminds me, have you a spare $5 you can dontate to my Ride To Conquer Cancer please? You will be making such a difference by contributing to this amazing cancer research benefiting the Rio Tinto Queensland Institute of Medical Research ===> DONATE HERE Much love and friendship, Dani xx

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