Fitness Food And Style Photo A Day Challenge Day 7. Salad

Hello my beautiful people. Today I thought it was Wednesday. I have been so ahead of myself for some reason, so much going on.

I need to write them all down. However I turn to you here. How are you?

I have been really slack, I need to lift my game. I have been eating chocolate nearly EVERY DAY!!! Waaaaa? I hear you say. Yes. Cho-ko-lade (pronounced shhhh-oko-lard). Did I mention ice cream as well. Yes. Ice-cream as well. BAD. Very bad, in fact I am so addicted I wanted some tonight but it's all gone. PHEW!!! Otherwise I'd be smashing another block of cadbury creations. Here's the deal, you buy it and have it in your pantry, you will eat it. Don't buy it and you won't. That's how I roll anyway. So I have to stop. Tonight. NOW!

Day 7. Salad

I am loving our #ffsphotoaday challenge and all the pictures in the gallery. I updated yesterdays Day 6. back so you can check them out here.

Quinoa vegetable salad with salmon

I experimented tonight as I typically make a big batch of quinoa so we have it for our breakfast and savoury meals. So once we grilled the salmon, I simply cooked the quinoa in chicken stock and with all the pan juices from the salmon, I mixed that with the quinoa. Added some lemon juice and then added the garlic sautéed broccoli and carrots in the mix and Mmmmmm.....tasty!!!!

Super quick meal, as the quinoa takes 15 minutes to cook and that's how long the vegetables were sautéing and fish was done on the barby.


Healthy Living with Fitness Food And Style 

Even though I run around like a headless chook with my little peeps, I feel like I am working out constantly. This isn't a workout. I really have dropped the ball these last few days and haven't really done a proper workout, nor have I been eating properly (mainly over indulging in chocolate and ice creams). Seriously, it doesn't take much time. I only workout 15 minutes per day but my days are just flying. I need to start allocating "me" time again.

It's funny. I think it's harder to maintain your body when you have reached your goal. In fact you start seeing those flaws appear or rather the cadbury chocolate layer. I can't stress how important consistency is. It's the key of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


A new mini challenge has to begin. That's what I am all about right? Challenges. So from this day I QUIT SUGAR!!! Well added sugar. Like our challenge a couple of months ago. Check it out here.

Who's with me, lets do it for 5 days.


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