Fitness Food And Style Photo A Day Challenge - Day 5. Smoothie

Today I posted my tummy shot on my social media pages. This was my tummy "before and after" baby number 2. I was 30kgs over weight, depressed and uncomfortable that I couldn't fit into my skinny jeans and always asking Adrian if my bum looked big. So I stumbled upon Fit Yummy Mummy and 6 years later, it's been the 15 minute workout per day that keeps me fit and healthy.
Fit Yummy Mummy transformation 

A relatively cruisey day today. We have so many house reno's started but none are completed. From the kids play room, to the outside skate park and the list goes on. We are working through them slowly every weekend. I look forward to the day when we can style our home and actually place pictures up on our wall. We haven't even painted yet and it's nearly our 4th year in this home, how time flies. Too busy looking after 4 kids will do this to you :-)


We had a beautiful waffle smell roam the house for breakfast this morning. It smelt amazing and it's a quicker breakfast when I am short for time as my crepes take that little bit longer. For my crepe recipe go here. Breakfast - Blueberry waffles

Blueberry waffles 

I was so happy to see my fave yogurt CHOBANI post our recent pic on their Facebook page today. You can check that out here. What's your favourite yogurt brand? We managed to squeeze in our Day 5. smoothie pic. Have you done yours??

Raspberry coconut delight


Frozen raspberries
Cooked oats
Milk of your choice
Drizzle of honey
180 Nutrition coconut protein powder
NB: please ensure you take up my exclusive 10% discount and use PROMO CODE 264464 at check out for any 180 Nutrition products.
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