Fitness Food And Style Photo A Day Challenge - Day 4. Bag

What a sensational day we had!!! Noah had his soccer grand final and finally ;-) they won after being runners up 3 years in a row! 

Congratulations Noah and the Mercedes team!!!

Grand Final winners are grinners

So super proud of him and his team mates, they have really improved on their ball skills and Noah in my eyes was the man of the match! What a typical mother thing to say. Having said that I would be the honest type and tell you if he was a bit of a klutz so promise, he's really REALLY good.

Day 4. bag

For those that are visiting for the first time, this months challenge is all about a photo a day that has a word as a prompt so check it out here.

Louis Vuitton croissant handbag 

NB: I have also updated my fantastic four pictures from yesterday here.

This was my 30th birthday present to myself when I was in Greece 9 years ago. It has always been a girly thing to own an original Louis Vuitton bag. This particular bag shape is called a croissant which is now discontinued. Our girls will have fun sharing this bag together and it will also fall in the vintage category.

Here's my fantastic four pics;


#ffsphotoaday day 4. bag

What has been your biggest indulgent?

Happy Saturday everyone until tomorrow XxDani 

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