Fitness Food And Style Photo A Day Challenge Day 3 - Special

Day 3. Special

This day was truly special. Such an amazing day with family and friends, sand between toes and the waves rolling in when we said "I do". One of the best days of my life!!! I love you Adrian John Stevens.

This month on the 26th May we celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary and I cannot wait for next year! Not only do I turn 40 years old but it will also be our 10th Wedding Anniversary and we have always promised ourselves we would go back to Maui. WOO HOO!!! I cannot wait.

Hawaii Wedding

Here are my fantastic four;


Fantastic four #ffsphotoaday day 3. special

Today was kinda cool. Meeting bloggers that I have known over the world wide web, all in one room together at the bloggers brunch event held by Kids Business at Federation Square in Melbourne. Here are some lovely ladies Dorothy from Singular Insanity and Kate Says Stuff I finally got to meet face to face. Really super nice and lovely ladies.

Bloggers Brunch with Dorothy and Kate

Also heard some amazing speakers and here is one of fave's Carolyn Creswell founder of Carmans Kitchen which you all know, how much I love my all natural tasting muesli. We always have a stash of Carmans Kitchen muesli bars in our car, pantry and bags. It was so great to hear her talk about some of the people she has met in her lifetime including Prince Charles and Camila. She had some classic stories to share.

Carmans Kitchen new crunchy clusters

You always know where to find me at an event. Where the is food. So I was munching away on those crunchy clusters!!!

As much as I am in love with my husband, I am so in love with food. I now even have our children doing the same. It was so good to see our healthy brunch supply was this colourful rainbow, of fresh goodness. Even Mietta was standing or rather laying very close!

Healthy lunch and snack

There were so many other brands at the event, from Hallmark to Mitsubishi, even Mietta had her eye on a rubber ducky at the Brauer stand and was lucky enough to grab a pink one!
Brauer, IGA, Higher Living and Kambrook stands
Brauers' new paw paw lip shimmers are to die for. Such good gloss, lip colour coverage, super soft and silky on the lips! IGA and Kambrook were there and a UK brand called Higher Living. I am actually having their evening organic herb infusion tea as I type (can you smell the lemon balm, fennel, chamomile, lime tree, peppermint and lavender through your screen?)
Hmmmmm........ on that note, I am signing off. Long day and it all starts again tomorrow with the boys soccer match first thing in the morning. Noah is playing in the Grand Final!!!!
What's super special in your life? XxDani

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