Fitness Food And Style Photo A Day Challenge - Day 1 DENIM

Hello everyone, another month, another challenge.

I thought I would mix things up a little and get you to capture everything and anything Fitness Food And Style related. So get your camera ready!

The words are your guide, prompt, inspiration to get all creative. As you may know by now, I am such a visual person and I live on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. So please come and join me. Hash tag #ffsphotoaday and let's have some fun.

Photo A Day Challenge

Day One - Denim

Assorted denim

A denim bag filled with coloured and acid wash denim jeans. A denim vest, jacket and acid wash shirt! :-) can I have any more denim???

Here are my fantastic four pics that caught my eye from;

@bec_wallaby and 

Denim action

What's your favourite denim piece?

Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday! XxDani

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