Fit Yummy Mummy week 10 & Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Hello my lovelies, how has your week been? Mine, ours has been great. Food has been great, well kinda. A couple of cadbury creations chocolate blocks later, yes I know. I am hopeless. I buckled AGAIN! Didn't I say I would avoid sugar before our Fit Yummy Mummy challenge ends this Sunday? Well I bombed out on that AGAIN didn't I? Blame my husband for bringing "something" nice home and most importantly me! I have NO WILL POWER whatsoever!!! Work in progress!?

What gets you off track???

Movement I haven't been for my runs either, disappointing I know. I can't wait to make that change. Dropped the ball a little with my exercising as well, changing that tomorrow. I'm loving the Transformation Kit exercises as I just get back on track and feel my body changing automatically. I love it!!!

Breakfast 180 Nutrition coconut protein powder Fruit smoothie

Was doing the school run this morning so I took my breaky & morning snack with me....I had to do a few errands as well. It's Oscar's 5th bday party on Saturday, so it's PIRATE theme. Making it fun and simple.

Morning snack handful of almonds and apple

Lunch Poached eggs, tomato, spinach and avocado English muffins

Afternoon snack Yogurt with blueberries and bananas

Dinner Open taco platter

Ingredients 500gms mince Olive oil Finely diced onions Your preferred spices (I have Moroccan) Ribboned carrots and cucumber Sliced tomatoes & beetroot Feta cheese

Method Lightly fry onions in olive oil, allow to soften to golden colour add mince. Cook for 5-10 minutes until meat is cooked through. Add favourite mexican spices, I use a Moroccan base one which has cumin, ginger etc...

I must admit I did have a taco shell tonight. I just love the crunchy texture! However I mainly ate off this plate which was yummy and added a dollop of yogurt. A super quick meal, every time I am short on cooking.

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Here's a snapshot of my day at the Melbourne Cup Luncheon. I will add more pictures that Phil Darley took of me the morning he was here to doll me all up!!!

The hair and make up 

BB make up by Garnier

This is what I look like when I first wake up!! Glamour puss or what? Ha! Amazing what a hair and style make up artist can do. I really can't imagine doing this everyday like Kim Kardashian and the likes. It' s tough gig!!!

The new peacock fascinator 

I have to make mention that I had a catastrophe with the Sunshine and Daydreams fascinator due to my girls parading in it. I won't even go there!!!! I was absolutely devastated!!! So a rush to Lincraft and $20 later, this is what we came up with.

Side view

Front view

I had a bit of wave going on, it looked amazing! I was so honoured that Phil helped me out at such short notice! So a BIG and HUGE shout out to my amazing photographer, make-up artist and hair stylist ALL IN ONE!!! Mr Phil Darley you are truly one talented man!

The girls

We had such a great day that we kept it going all night!!! I even met a beautiful FF&S "follower" as she termed it and was delighted to meet me in person as she reads my blog every day! I was so humbled to meet another woman that finds my healthy & fit lifestyle inspirational. It's why I do what I do. If I can help, recommend, support, encourage, advise and assist in any way to help others.... that's my main mission and driver for my blog.

SO A BIG thank you for introducing yourself to me, it meant more to me than you will ever know x

The food


Lunch Chinese roasted duck (my fave!!!) pickled ginger & lynche salad Clear duck broth with tapioca & Thai basil (to die for!) Thai vegetable & herb salad Steamed jasmine rice

Dessert Tasting plate from custard chocolate tart, to pistachio ice cream & honey combe brûlée

THE BEST!!! I was in heaven. The Lydiard Wine Bar does a sensational job at hosting these types of events and we love going there for our dinners.

Okay my lovelies, for those that don't like to make any comments on my blog (you know who you are) I DARE YOU to step out of your comfort zone and say g'day! You know it means the world to me. Until we meet again.

Xx Dani

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