Fit Yummy Mummy transformation cont...Week 7

Yes, 7 weeks have gone past since I registered for the Fit Yummy Mummy transformation challenge. As much as I wanted to bulk up and increase my muscle definition, I have dropped the ball a bit. I hope to change all that soon. It really does depend on this neck scenario as I am hesitant to buy a heavier weight or kettle bell as I know I would use it, even if I am still feeling a little sore. Having said that, I haven't been up my chin up bar since my friend Jackie from Crabtree Fitness Professionals and my Chiro recommended me to take it easy. So thanks for that! Please for any women that are struggling with their post baby weight, give FYM a go! It's fantastic!! It's the only way I have been able to maintain my body after 4 kids and only takes me 15 minutes per day!!! I have been following this program exclusively for the past 5 years! That's why I am so passionate about it and how much it has transformed our/my life!!!

Yoga on the hand has been simply beautiful!!! Very challenging but so relaxing for my body even though I have the kids jumping around me. I look forward to going to my first official yoga class in the next few weeks.

Here's a snapshot of the last couple of days movements on Instagram...

It's very tricky yoga, all the moves look so easy but as soon as you are in the moment for a minute or kinda go, oh okay this is really working my core! I'm typically really rushed so I look forward to a class on my own very soon. I really need to work on my flexibility as day 16, I should be laying on my back flat!!! That wasn't going to happen anytime soon, especially when Zali climbed onboard!

Breakfast Eggs sunny side up with salmon, spinach, feta and cucumber

Morning snack 180 Nutrition (coconut protein powder) frozen raspberry yogurt swirl Lunch Chicken salad with white bean dip

My beautiful girlfriends Celeste (made the white bean dip) and Kelly (made the salad) came over and we all made lunch (I only provided the roast chicken!) the bean dip was simply divine so I had to drizzle it on top of my salad :-) Thanks girls! Another fab catch up, as usual.

I then had to rush out for some errands before picking up our boys and had to take a picture of Mietta and Zali! Seriously! They couldn't be any more different! I'm glad at least I get a bit of a look in with Zali as Mum told me when she got back from Serbia, that Zali was a spitting image of me when I was a baby! Yippee!! Now people won't think I'm "just" the nanny!!!

Afternoon snack Corn thins with avocado and tomatoes Dinner Chicken mushroom ragout served with cous cous

I did have on our meal planner a beef ragout but it needed to be cooked slowly and we got home pretty late so I threw this together instead!

Ingredients Chicken tenderloins 2 leeks mushrooms spinach 500ml chicken stock splash of white white S&P 1 tsp tarragon

Method Sautee leeks and mushrooms until soft, add mushrooms and cook for a further 5 minutes. Add chicken pieces or tenderloins, sprinkle tarragon and cook until golden brown. Add spinach with chicken stock and simmer until spinach wilted. Add salt and pepper.

That's a wrap from me my beautiful people. I have Mietta's 3rd birthday on Saturday, picking up my Mum from Melbourne tomorrow a fun run on Sunday and the love of my life's birthday on Monday!!! WHOOSH!!! It's gonna be a fab weekend!!!!

Enjoy the next couple of days and you know you can also catch my updates via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!!

Love to you all!!!!

Xx Dani

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