Fit Yummy Mummy challenge ends

Hello! Hello! It seems like yesterday that I wrote my last post but I can't believe it's been over 5 days!!! Whaaaaat??? That's gotta change!!! Why is everything else coming first and not us? Me and you. Just us hanging out? That's gotta change! So make sure you leave me a comment so we can hang a little bit more often :-) So the Fit Yummy Mummy challenge ended on Oscar's 5th birthday on Sunday 11th November. I have to admit, right here, right now, I dropped the ball!!!! I missed so many workouts the last 2 weeks, that it wasn't even worth me playing catch up. I'm not overly concerned as I eat pretty clean however these last few weeks with all the chocolate and the birthday stuff, I've taken a few steps back in my fitness regime. Well, that needs to change!

All in all. I am pretty happy that I maintained my weight as such and didn't go over board and gain unnecessary weight. I am a tad disappointed that I never increased my weight training and didn't gain as much muscle mass as I was hoping. Don't get me wrong, I'm no body builder nor do I want to have that type of physique. I just want to build muscle tone & definition so I don't have that "skinny" look  but see muscle definition and not just skin and bone. Like some people like to refer to it.

I also dropped the ball with my running. Like real bad, I haven't ran since Run Ballarat!!!! Pfft! Didn't I have goals in my last post? Didn't I say I would go hard or go home? Something like that. Anyways, I got distracted! Party mode more like it!!!

So Oscar turned 5 on Sunday and I can't believe how quick that has gone. It was pretty much after the birth of our 2nd son Oscar that I turned to the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss system which has been my successful fitness and lifestyle regime. For those that are looking at an easy way to shed baby weight, workout for only 15 minutes per day, eat clean then this is the program for you. Come check it out as you get to connect with like minded women and get heaps of resources to get your body back!!!

Breakfast Organic corn flakes with dried fruit

Morning snack 180 Nutrition coconut green smoothie protein drink

Lunch Chicken burger salad with hummus

Afternoon snack Tomato, avocado and hummus on sour dough toast

Dinner Creamy beef stroganoff with tri colour fettuccini pasta

I typically cook based on what is in my fridge and pantry, in this case I had the beef strips, a packet of already sliced mushrooms, yogurt so this dish came to mind as my father (being the Croatian goulash lover, adored this dish so it always reminds me of him) however I placed a clean twist on it as typically my Mum used to cook it with cream and sour cream! Also fried the beef in butter!! Any ways, here is my version. Ingredients 500gms beef strips packet of tri colour fettuccini pasta (tomato, spinach & egg) olive oil mushrooms sliced 2 cups of beef stock S&P sprinkle of wholemeal flour 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce yogurt or sour cream

NB: if not using fresh mushrooms, simply use 2 cups of creamy mushroom soup Method

1. Lightly coat beef strips with flour and season with S&P 2. Mix beef stock (or if using mushroom soup) with Worcestershire sauce 3. Once beef is brown, add stock and mushrooms 4. Allow to simmer until all cooked 5. Before serving swirl through yogurt or sour cream


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