FFS next challenge is FEBFAST are you in?

You all know this time last year we were planning for our squats challenge. Well….this February we are going to raise the bar a little and help the most vulnerable of people, our young people and families who are tackling serious alcohol and drug issues.

Next month I will be doing the Febfast 28 day detox challenge to kick some bad habits!

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Sugar is considered by some to be the plague of a generation, with overconsumption of this sweet foodstuff linked to obesity, tooth decay and diabetes.
While we all know it is best to cut down on sugary treats, how do you tell if your reliance on sweets has gone past the point of an unhealthy habit into a full-blown addiction?
When you go beyond the point of wanting something sweet into the point of needing it, you should consider whether you are addicted to sugar.
Those who are addicted to glucose may find themselves losing control and eating more than they had planned to and could notice specific withdrawal symptoms if they skip their daily fix.
This could include feeling shaky, nervous or even having a cold sweat, according to webmd.
Since our bodies turn carbs into sugar, don’t count yourself out as a sugar addict if you’d prefer chippies over a cupcake.
A 2007 study by Princeton University backs up the claim that sugar can be addictive and researchers explain how our bodies’ neural pathways were designed to motivate and encourage our ancestors to forage for food.
This function, reward stimulation, has been linked to modern day drug-seeking and self-administration and it is believed this pathway also lights up similarly to sugar as it does when stronger drugs, such as cocaine and opiates, are taken.
The study redefined addiction so it is now synonymous with the term dependence and used to describe a psychological need rather than a physical ailment.
Dependence has three stages, according to the study – bingeing, withdrawal and craving.
If you decide to do a sugar detox as part of a February Fast, you might suffer from these symptoms at first, but in the long run you will be doing your body a favour.
Giving up sugar for a month could help you to retrain your tastebuds and you might be able to cut out sugar in unexpected places come March.

PLUS!  You get a chance to be in the draw to win the ultimate detox!! A luxury spa holiday for two people in Bali!!!! How cool is that?

So make sure you register on the website and join our FFS team here and don't think you have to do this on your own. Not only will I be here for extra motivation but there are local communities in your area getting together to help you over the 28 days of detoxing, so check out some of your local support groups here
All funds raised over this challenge go to the Youth Support and Advocacy Service and Family Drug Support.
Let's all make a better future for our younger generation as a collective, we can influence change together. 
Will you join me?

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