Feel good Friday and Freeletics

WOW!!! What a week! Can I just say how intense our first week of Freeletics has been? I started last week with the x4 Aphrodite workouts for our last weeks challenge in September and now it's cranking and I had to do as many burpees and sit ups in 300 seconds. It was an intense 15 minute workout. Loved every minute of it even though I absolutely loathe burpees.

Nike rainbow runners with my Blackmilk Clothing sharky VIP leggins
Lucky I got my Nikes with rainbow shoelaces on for an unreal $4.99 from Target just to add a bit of colour to my black ensemble. Also to keep me motivated
Today I did the Freeletics burpees and sit up MAX workouts, here are my times;
Freeletics MAX workouts
I am pumped that I haven't missed my workouts this week and my food has been 80% okay. The other 20% have been some squares of chocolate, a craving for toast with nutella and heaps of macadamia nuts!!! I am seriously in love with those nuts. As much as they are good for you, too much of them isn't a good thing either. 

Breakfast has consisted of smoothies and fruit salads
Morning and afternoon snacks have been dips with crackers, fruit with yogurt or a protein drink.
Lunch have been salads or sandwiches and a big craving this week were my famous French Toast club sandwiches. They are the best!!!
Healthy French Toast Club Sandwiches


Mix eggs with a dash of your favourite milk or splash of water. Season with pepper and salt. Dip your bread (we use either wholemeal or wholegrain bread) and gently fry in olive oil until golden brown. Either eat as is or stack them up club sandwich style and fill with your favourite foods. We had lettuce, ham and cheese.
Dinners have been salad or steamed vegetables with chicken or beef, however on Monday we did the meatless Monday and enjoyed an array of fresh vegetables and salads. Yum!!!
What's on for your weekend? We have Run Ballarat so looking forward to another amazing event. If you missed me last year, you can read all about it

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