Feel Good Friday

Where did this week go? All I can remember was the beginning of the week and here we are at the end of it. Never mind. Push on. Lets keep going right?
Image: My feature in the Lorna Jane July MOVE campaign


I have seriously dropped the ball with my Fit Yummy Mummy exercises, I can't believe I haven't been able to allocate 15 minutes in my day with all that's been going on around me. That's life, right. I am all about keeping it as real as possible so yes even healthy and fit people can drop the ball. I am definitely living proof and am in no way perfect.  I don't consider myself as a super really healthy and fit person, just a regular Mum that is trying to get some consistency in her life whilst managing a household of 6 peeps!

My meal planning dropped this week, well this entire month. Hang on. The last few months!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'll plan maybe one week or one day and then I'm off track and it shows. Over the winter period I have gained 5kgs (11lbs), which doesn't really bother me if it was all muscle!!!! I'm back to that lazy way, bulge overhang and just being soft.

So it's time to step it up a little, get refocused and get me back on track. This week it's all about;

I need to get some order back into my routine as when I slip, I slip real hard. I eat so much unnecessary and quantity of food that I sometimes make myself sick. I'm sure there is a condition for this, have no clue what it is. So who's ready to join me?

Food challenge #ffs_healthyspin

Food This weeks food challenge has been amazing, so many beautiful dishes that have been converted to some awesome healthy ones. Starting with Healthy Always kale chips, Heirloom Tomato Pizza by Carl who is one of my fave Dads that cooks from Real Food 4 Thought and check out Joanna Gorgon AKA Mrs Jogo amazing almond fritters.

Almond Fritters with raspberry sauce (pic. 4)

1 cup almond flour 2 eggs divided 1/2 can light coconut milk 1tsp vanilla extract 1/4tsp baking powder

Method Beat egg whites. In second bowl combine the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Fold the egg whites into the batter and bake for 180C degrees (350C F) for 20 minutes. Toppings used: peanut butter and banana with frozen raspberry.


1. harem pants 2. light grey beret 3. aviator sunglasses 4. metallic jumper 5. black canvas sneaker

This was one of my outfits during the week. I was totally in a chillaxed mood as I have been up early hours of the morning with work. I am over the moon with what's been happening with my business lately and super excited to be interacting with London and Munich these days which requires me to be in their time zone which is typically between 10pm and 2am our time.

The pieces above have been selected from the Polyvore app however my harem pants are from Sussans, glitter jumper, beret and sneakers from Sportsgirl.

What's you favourite gear to lounge around in?

Have a sensational weekend and looking forward to our Week 3 challenge which is all about STYLE.

Much love and friendship, Dani

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