Febfast with Rob Mills

Guess who else has been doing the Feb Fast challenge with us? The amazing Rob Mills from Grease The Musical. Yes, you guessed it Danny boy is also going cold turkey for 28 days and having no alcohol.

You may remember Rob as a finalist of the phenomenon Australian Idol back in 2013. Rob has landed himself an awesome gig since then and has successfully played in over 500 shows in Melbourne and Sydney, receiving rave reviews. He's seriously one of Australia's favourite leading men.

Rob Mills plays leading role Danny in Grease The Musical 

Another 4 days to go and here's what Rob had to say about his last 24 days without an alcoholic drink.

1. How do you find giving up alcohol in February when you go to so many social events with your line of work?

I haven't found it too hard to be honest... I did Dry July last year, which has harder, as I was wrapping up Legally Blonde (closing night party!) and starting rehearsals for Grease (meeting new people), with everyone drinking was a bit of a challenge. I have been to a few parties after the show, but I am already on a quite a high after performing so it doesn't make too much different. There are times like at the end of the week (Sunday) where i have really wanted to wind down with a beer, but all good, I'm a lot clearer on a monday because of the not drinking.

    2. What is your placebo drink when you go out to these functions in lieu of alcohol?

    I love a cold glass of coke... And after doing Dry July and now Febfast and also being the designated driver most weekends, I really think bars and clubs should start serving free soft drink. I have paid $6 for a soft drink at some places!!! Come on! Surely you should be rewarded, and the designated driver should be rewarded somehow. I reckon a wrist band, or better yet, an honesty policy should be implemented. Rant over.

    3. Have you ever been a big drinker? Or just social?

    Just Social... I do love to have a good party, but only in moderation. I learnt this years ago. It's just not worth the come down and especially when you have work or responsibilities... I am looking forward to my holiday in a few months though...

    4. Will you be having a drink on the 1st March?

    I'll probably have a knock off drink after the show with some of the cast who have taken the febfast challenge. But we have two shows on a sunday so one will be enough.

    5. What are some tips & tricks you can share with my readers who might be struggling during our challenge? 

    I suppose, one would be not to put yourself in those situations, parties, bars, clubs etc. But hey, that's pretty tough. There is always something on... I do love nothing more than being able to offer lifts to my friends and on occasions strangers (I have driven randoms home that i were thumbing a lift in the Cross numerous times) It's good travel karma. 

    Plan things to do in the mornings after party nights, ie bike rides, walks, runs, market shopping, exhibitions etc.... Trust me it's awesome when you do interesting things and all your mates have slept in with a hangover and haven't achieved a thing all day. 

    Here are the guys and gals from Grease that are doing the FebFast challenge... a few missing in the pic. All giving up either alcohol, sugar, caffeine, digital and some shopping. haha. I think Bert is giving up Hungarian rice (not a real thing, but we just wanted him in the photo).
    Grease The Musicalcast are even participating in the Feb fast challenge.

    Thank you so much Rob for joining us here on Fitness Food And Style it was great hanging out with you and getting to know you a little bit more. Hope you come back and visit us real soon.

    Much love and friendship,

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