FebFast Healthy Meals and Back To School

It's that time again, WHOOSH!!! I love FebFast and every year I love sharing what they're all about. This year is a real focus on eating healthy and of course the traditional giving up your cigarettes (yes that means YOU social smokers) drinking alcohol and most recently my #offthegrid2015 challenge, limiting your time on social media and logging off technology for a while! Can you do any of the above? I love the fact that while we are trying to kick our old habits, the money raised is to fight youth addiction which as a parent, I totally support 100%.

Here's some awesome facts;

So if you are keen simply;

  • Pick a challenge: can you take a 28 day alcohol, sugar, junk food, smoking or social media detox?
  • Register online: form a team, join a team or go solo. You choose the registration price, with proceeds going towards our campaign target of $1,000,000.
  • Complete FebFast: we'll support you with apps, eMagazines, blogs, email, SMS and expert help from our ambassadors and "Fast" gurus. Heading out? Go to one of our FebFast Friendly Venues to avoid falling off the wagon.
  • Fundraise as you go: via your personalised online fundraising page (linked to our mobile app) and containing all the tools you need.
  • Get healthy: tame a habit, lose some weight, improve your sleep... whatever your health goal, a circuit breaker can be the perfect way to kick start a healthier year.

For more info click here.


Looking for FebFast healthy meals?

Here's one of my favourite healthy recipes to help you out this week, super quick and you can omit the meat and just use vegetables and make and eat under 10 minutes!


Fully raw garden salad

Fully raw garden salad Recipe Card


Please use this for a healthy salad accompanied with your favorite protein dish eg: meat or legumes etc.

Back to school WHOOSH!!! Look at these munchkins! Another 2 years until all of them go to school together but I just had to share this mornings First Day Back To School. Man I love these kids! How blessed am I?


It's Mietta's first day at Prep, first day for Zali's 3yo Kinda (x3 days @2hrs) Noah starts in Grade 4 and Oscar starts in Grade 2. How much have they grown?


We all got up super early today and we made sure we did our walk which we normally do each day. So it's been a pretty early start for us all.

Gotta dash, I'm tearing up!

Happy Monday!



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