Feb fast 28 day detox challenge

How's everyone going with our Day 10 and still going strong.

Thank you to our amazing FFS team members that have joined thus far. If you haven't had a chance to register for our Fitness Food And Style team challenge this month, it's never too late to detox your body and soul. Click here, support an amazing cause and lets get started.

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So why do we need to detox & what happens?

I have been told by health practitioners that we need to eliminate waste or toxic materials out of our body. In return we get a toxin-free body which may lead to good health. We all want to be healthy right?

Our body goes through a process which removes toxin or waste materials out of our body through use of natural methods i.e: detoxification. There are so many kinds of chemicals that get deposited into the fat cells of our body through ingestion of food and water, and simply breathing the air around us. With peoples busy lifestyles these days and so called high cost of healthy living, people tend to buy and eat food with low or lacking with nutrient content. Or the classic pre made and processed foods.

What are we actually wanting to detox?

Anything that enters through our body externally let it be pollution, smoking, drugs, processed foods, additives or preservatives the list is endless. This impairs our immune function, hormone imbalance and we become nutritionally deficient and get a low metabolism. Some people refer this to "body burden" which may also cause chronic muscle pain, indigestion and bad breath.

Benefits of detoxing?

There are so many different detox diets out there. When I started on my clean eating journey 6 years ago, I stumbled across The Elimination Diet by Dax Moy which really allowed me to;

- Listen to my body with the particular foods I was eating
- It cleaned my body system
- Improved my digestion
- I had clear and clean skin
- It kept me super focused
- Not to mention the buzz and energy it gave me

Some people also get rid of their muscle aches and pains, lowered immunity, dull skin, fatigue and here's a winner, weight gain.

Who can detox?

Anyone that consults with a health professional as it's not for everyone. Women who are pregnant, mothers that are breastfeeding and children should not go on a detox diet. Anyone with a eating disorder, anaemia, diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, cancer are not recommended to go on any detox program.

What foods can I eat?

Loads of fruit and vegetables and foods that are not processed. These foods are high in fibre and rich in vitamins, which exterminate the environment toxins that get transferred into the body. Typically during a detox diet you would normally eliminate any kind of meat, fish, alcohol or stimulant drinks such as coffee. Of course once you finish your detox diet, you may slowly incorporate your meats and make sure you continue to have heaps and heaps of fruit and vegetables!

Have you ever been on a detox diet? What was your experience and how did it make you feel?

Much love & friendship,

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