Favourite Five this Friday - November 29

Can you believe there's now less than a month until Christmas? How is your planning and organisation going for the festive season?

As you'd imagine, with our 4 kids under 8, things get very exciting and more than a little bit crazy around here .... but I guess that's kind of in keeping with how these last few weeks have been too!

This past week though has been a little bit calmer for me with no Fitness, Food and Style trips away from home ... but nevertheless the days have flown past in a blur of busy.

How have you kept up with the busy of your week?

The very best news I received this week, was that our Vision Crusaders captain, Klaus Bartosch, is now in remission after some very intense chemo treatment for an aggressive Leukaemia. Woohoo, Klaus! Such awesome news ... which leads me straight into the recap of my favourite five things this Friday!

1. A number of the Vision Crusaders cyclists have shaved their heads in respect and honour of our team captain. This week, to salute Klaus and the team, I made the chop. No, not shaved ... as that would have been much too drastic for my kids ... but this is the shortest my hair has been for years! You like it? ;)

Any money raised from my "chop for a cure" will be going straight to my RTCC Adelaide starting tomorrow. It's the last of the RTCC events for 2013, and I'd like to thank my FFS readers for coming with me on this amazing journey!
2. This week I focused on building and maintaining core strength with a 7 day Plank Challenge ! Did you plank? Make sure you tag your pics to #ffsplanks for some awesome giveaways. Here are the kids and I hard at it in our pyjamas the other night before going to bed. 
Mini planks challenge
3. The warmer weather really inspires me to break out an exercise sweat and there's something so energising about running. I've teamed with The Athlete's Foot this week to bring you 20 tips to have you jogging like a pro in no time. Check out the post for some pre-run, post-run and shoe fitting pointers.
The Athlete's Foot is where I get my feet fitted with Asics Gel-Kayano's
4. I know that I'm so blessed with all of the opportunities and experiences that Fitness, Food and Style is bringing me and I give thanks daily. It really is my passion though, and I can assure you life is just amazing when you get to follow your dreams!
Live with passion
5. One of the things I find quick and easy in the morning for breakfast are my smoothies on the go. A tasty - and super quick -  way to enjoy the goodness of berries is by whipping up a quick smoothie. Don't forget to add some greens AND a scoop of 180 Nutrition Protein power for added nutrients and energy. Delicious!
180 Nutrition raspberry green smoothie
Another fantastic week done and dusted! Now tell me, what have you been up to these past 7 days?
much love and friendship
xx Dani

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