Favourite Five this Friday - November 08

Well, what a week it's been here at Fitness, Food and Style headquarters! When this hits your screen, I'll be still cruising the Pacific (aherm, work, truly!) undoubtedly bursting with excitement of all that can be shared when I'm back!

Meanwhile, I've thought that a fun idea for Fridays would be to take a quick look back on the week that was. Each Friday, I'll share five things - moments, pics, quotes etc that have been rocked my world, and I'd love to hear what YOU'VE been up to in the comments ...

Jumping straight into it, here are 5 highlights if my week.

1. This week on the Facebook page, I shouted out the importance of loving what you do! I really do LOVE my work, and hope that yours (work or play) brings you as much joy.

2.  The excitement of hanging out on a cruise with this guy - yep, Shannan Ponton, PT extraordinaire from The Biggest Loser - has been a mega highlight of my week. Still pinching myself actually, and be sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming interview on the blog!

3. I've been blown away and inspired by @missionfitchick and her incredible weight loss and fitness transformation. Her story was featured on the blog Tuesday and you can check it out here if you missed it. You really must check her out!

4. I was also inspired by fellow instagrammer @nicolejoyinspire to whip up a batch of this sensational clean choc peanut butter mousse. Have a read, look and drool at this ... and then run to the kitchen to get started! You will not be disappointed, it is delish!

All you need is; 1⃣ 1 can of coconut 2⃣ 6 Medjool (soaked) dates 3⃣ 1-2tbs cacao powder 4⃣ 1/4 cup natural peanut butter 5⃣ 2tbs maple (we didn't use it as it was sweet with the dates) 6⃣ 1tbs psyllium husk (I used chia seeds) Simply blend all ingredients and set into bowls and enjoy with sprinkled crushed peanuts, cacao nibs or fresh fruit!!!! Mmmmm ...

5. What better way is there to kick start a new week than a long weekend with the family? Our family of 6 spent the weekend as guests of the BIG4 Holiday Park Anglesea and had an absolutely brilliant time. 
For a full review, check out the blog and see for yourself why we can't wait to head back there again soon!
As you can see, it has been a massive week here! What have you been up to? Share your five highlights in the comments!
love and friendship
xx Dani

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