Fashion Connections at the Fashion Lounge Little Flinders Lane, Melbourne


That's all I can say!

What a great night I had last night. I had such a fabulous time at the Fashion Connect event which was held at the amazing Fashion Lounge on Little Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Fashion Connect is the Social Media Marketplace for everything Fashion, Apparel and Entertainment. All thanks to the sensational OC Communications & Events group who delivered a very creative and entertaining night. Simply head over there to check out all the entertainment that was lined up for us. Thank you!

I was so happy to meet my all time fave Project Runway designer

Matcho Sudo with Dani from Fitness Food And Style

How can I not mention the the most accomplished couture designer in Australia. The one, the only (and winner of Project Runway) Craig Braybook. Super cool, down to earth and such a buzz to finally meet him in person, after a year of being Facebook friends (through a mutual friend Phil from Darley Management. Phil is the one responsible for most of my post baby after bikini shots). I had to do a double take when I thought DJ Kitty was my all time favourite style icon Gwen Stefani. She was the one responsible for me rocking the dance floor ;-) My wonderful friend Aleks AKA CoverMum who was the one who surprised me and got us tickets for my birthday. She just recently created her Facebook page so go check her out and like her page. She inspires me every day with her fashion style posts. Last but not least the marvellous Michael Villani Couture who made his own outfit (how awesome) and only creates one off designs, from finest fabrics and techniques!

Here are some more colourful people* I met. We were especially impressed with the entertainment by Pole Diva Lou Landers and we were all singing along with Diamond Dolly. However the fire cracker of the night for me was Zorza Goodman who is the mastermind behind all her creative millinery head piece designs. So please head to her Facebook page here and place your orders for the races, bridal or special events coming your way. Please make her feel the love and tell her Fitness Food And Style sent you.

NB: I met soooo many more of you which I did somehow misplace your cards, so feel free to leave your comments below so we can reconnect. Also please correct me any where I have made errors or add people I have missed that are pictured here with me xx

* * * A really, really special thanks goes out to * * * 

Studio Gas

The sensational Josie was responsible for my twiggy 60's leather and lace combo, complete with leather black patent boots, cream earrings and red patent satchel bag. I have known Josie since I moved to Ballarat nearly 6 years ago. We just lived around the corner. I always seem to find my style of shoes, top or jacket every time I go there.

Studio g.a.s is in the process of a revamp of their website and will be launching their updated store online very soon.

In the mean time please share the love and head over and like Studio g.a.s Facebook page (simply place, visiting from Fitness Food And Style) and check out their latest ladies clothing, accessories, footwear, gifts & homewares range at

Megan Bond Fashion Make Up Melbourne

I couldn't believe my luck when talented Megan Bond, well respected Fashion Make Up and Hair Stylist was in the same town as me. We both have mutual friends within the fashion industry and it's so great to connect with people that are an extension of your own personal and professional network group.

Megan was on the ball when creating my softer Twiggy 60's version look and completely nailed it. She used RMS which is organic makeup, a line of 100% natural and organic cream- based cosmetics designed by celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. It's main base is coconut oil, so I was in heaven! You all know how much I love coconut!

To check out Megan's amazing portfolio and to make your private booking please contact Megan at 

Well my beautiful people, I bid you farewell. Sorry for such a promo post but when I find stuff I am excited about, I simply want to be able to share it with you all!!!!! I desperately need to catch up on my sleep and prepare for our next months challenge!!!! Who's ready to STAND UP AND BE RAWESOME???

Happy Easter to all those celebrating this weekend x x x Dani

HANG ON!!! I forgot to show you the goodie bag from last night! Unreal. Loads of useful stuff (you know how sometimes you get a gift bag with things you don't really end up using or just brochures and pamphlets?) Well the fashion industry know how to make their gift bags REAL useful!!! From false eye lashes to Lindt chocolate, Equip jewellery to Vittoria coffee. I can keep going but I REALLY have to go to bed. Goodnight x

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