Epic weekend in Brisbane for the Rio Tinto Ride To Conquer Cancer

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." - Michelangelo 

Jeepers! I know for a fact I didn't aim low with this Ride To Conquer Cancer achievement. I am speechless, so many europhic and epic moments that I will endeavour to keep this short and sweet. Still pinching myself with Photo courtesy of amazing photographer Pat  Event Photos Australia

Seriously? This time last week I was in Bris Vegas and meeting a bunch of crazy and super extraordinary people. Yes, we the VisionCrusaders.com finally met face to face for the first time. It was like a family reunion. Faces were familiar and we were chatting like it was only yesterday. Which is kinda true, as we would've touched base via Facebook the night before to finalise our weekend arrangements.

The power of social media and connecting people these days simply blows me away. I am totally in love with it all, as you can appreciate being a Mum of 4 kids my social life isn't as regular as back in my Rockstar Dani days :-)

Anyways, without getting too emotional and telling you this has got to be one of the greatest things I have EVER done in my life (besides marrying the love of my life and giving birth to 4 amazing children) this comes pretty close. I rode with so many amazing people and loved hearing all their stories and why they ride. They shared their life with me and the ones they lost. I too told them I had family pass away and thankfully my father survived prostate cancer. It was truly humbling to hear them give me thanks for doing what I am doing and for leaving our young family behind to help theirs. WOW!!! Tears, strolling.

So without further adieu here are my thousand words in pictures.....

Day 1 - Vision Crusaders We ROCK!!! We were pumped!!!! Just about to take off!

Simon Mills, Brenda Batten, Nicko Lunardi, Nicole Whelan, Dani Stevens , Kai McIntyre, Ken Dutton, Josh Potter, Klaus Bartosch, Troy Douglas, Greg Leitch, Bec Failla, Chris Hennessey, Sharon Robson, Jeanette McGhee, Rona & Tim Wakeman, Robert Dixon, Jacqueline Anthony, Lis Dargush, Matt Leasegang and Stephen Hughes

Day 1 - I officially fall off my bike with one cleat still on (only a minor fall), first 5kms into my ride and I stuff up on my gears, the chain gets stuck in between the cassette and the rear hub, amazing Rio Tinto bike techs to the rescue and I allow the blood flow back into my body after my feet go numb riding. 

Fitness Food And Style rides her first 220kms ride

Day 1 - celebrating our amazing team member Robert Dixon reaching his 20,000kms milestone, super special

Vision Crusaders celebrating Robert Dixon's 20,000km milestone

Day 1 - riding along side my partner in crime, Matt (I'm sure we got separated at birth)

Matt L (another amazing photographer) and I

Day 1 - first lunch pit stop after missing one in between and cycling 40kms straight! I was on fire!

Captain Klaus Bartosch and I (eating as per usual)

Day 2 - We were very noticeable standing out in our Blackmilk Clothing leggings

Photo courtesy of amazing photographer Pat  Event Photos Australia

Day 2 - riding in the fog and being escorted by Police vehicles was pretty cool

Photo courtesy of amazing photographer Pat  Event Photos Australia

Day 2 - Beautiful Stephen Hughes kept me going over the 2 days, awesome crew at every pit stop nourishing our fatigue bodies, fab photographer Pat capturing all these amazing pictures and Greg and I woo-hooing at the finish line on Day 2

Day 2 RTCC highlights with fabulous people

Day 2 - Bec and I crossing and finishing our 220kms ride together

Photo courtesy of amazing photographer Pat  Event Photos Australia

Day 2- I complete my first ever ride of 220kms of my life (my bike only clocked 100kms on an indoor trainer 14 days ago). Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!

Very proud moment

The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer raised an astonishing $4.2 Million, with 1,236 riders to support vital cancer research and clinical trial at QIMR. I am super proud to be a part of this. For those wishing to support us please donate generously so we, the Vision Crusaders can complete ALL of the 6 Ride To Conquer Cancer events. Click to donate to our team here or you can donate to my next ride in Melbourne which supports the Peter Mac foundation.

Special thanks 

To all my Vision Crusaders family, amazing sponsors Cycle City for my bike, Goves Cycles for my awesome gloves, 2XU for my bike apparel and all of you that kindly donated and made all this happen.

Have a beautiful weekend and I look forward to another sensational week with you all next week. xxDani

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