Digital Parents Sydney conference ~ who's excited?

Hi there, just a quick post to let you know that I am all packed and ready to rock and roll for my week in Sydney this week. The actual Digital Parents conference is on Wednesday and Thursday however I will be there from Tuesday until Friday. It's the first time EVER I will be away from my family for this long and overnight!

So my Gala outfit is all sorted. Less is best so I have gone for a dark navy peplum style dress by Cue Designs. My electric blue suede shoes ~ accessories to match (tear drop earrings and a massive ring with a stone I could really knock someones block off!) followed by some neon orange finger and toe nails with a matching clutch.

What is peplum you ask? Peplum is a term describing an overskirt - typically a short, flared strip of fabric, that is usually attached to the waist of a fitted jacket, blouse or dress.

From the Paris runways to high-street fashion, the peplum trend has since seen a steady following.

I am hoping to rock the perfect peplum look these fine ladies are......

Picture source Fashion Mate

Phew! Travel wear for both Tuesday and Friday are all sorted as well.  I like to be comfortable when sitting on a plane and waiting around. For the actual conference Wed-Thurs I have packed some comfy rockstar Mama pieces ranging from coloured denim, singlets, sandals, denim jacket (it gets cold in aircon rooms) various bangles or arm candy as they are called now and just loads of enthusiasm!!!!

I can't wait to meet some new people and put names to faces. Even though some of you I have either already met or seen your pic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I'm very excited. Especially meeting my blogging pal and room mate Shari from Family Survial Coach and the beautiful Grace from With Some Grace and many many more!!!! Most of all can't wait to learn more about this new digital world. I love it! I love the fact that I'm connected with you all across the globe! It's absolutely amazing!

This is where the conference will be held. Pretty cool huh?

Curzon Hall 

When do you pack before your trip (last minute like I typically do!) and do you travel light or pack for weather changes and emergencies? I have managed to piece all my 4 looks (3 zip locked bags complete with accessories) so I am dressed in a flash! It must be a mother thing although I do remember when I used to go out clubbing, I'd be ready to go within half an hour when I got a call from a friend!

Okay, best I get an early night and see you back here for Transformation Tuesday!!!

Xx Dani

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