Did you say run? Yes I can run now...

So I started blogging a few months ago, I think that was around the same time when I started running. As you may be aware, I'm not a huge fan but I have it as one of my goals before I turn 40 to complete a fun run. So I have registered for the Run Ballarat 6km fun run which is only a few weeks away. I have managed to do the 12km course already, however still battling this mild stitch and would much prefer to defeat this and work out the cause than run in pain.
So this is my track.....the road I turn onto to go running from my home.
Run Ballarat has inspired me to do my first fun run!

PWOS (post work out shake after my 6km aka 3.75mi run) 180 Nutrition coconut protein drink with water not milk I must admit my legs were extremely heavy between the 4-6kms mark as I did a deadly Fit Yummy Mummy workout out the day before, with the Transformation Kit. Bring on Summer and get these legs out, I say!!! Can't wait for the warmer weather to get here!!!

Breakfast Cinnamon pear porridge

Pear porridge

Morning snack Apple and carrot muffins

Carrot and apple oat muffins

Ingredients Oats Wholemeal flour Chia seeds Eggs Vanilla essence Grated carrots Apple puree honey raisins yogurt sprinkle of nutmeg & cinnamon walnuts and apple slices added on top for decorative purposes

Method Mix wet ingredients with dry and leave the mix overnight in a cool room (or the fridge) and then you have your muffins ready in the morning to bake! Ran out of muffin cup holders, so I used baking (parchment) paper and cut them into squares and laid them in and poured the mixture!

Please forgive me for not providing you with my exact measurements. I do these at night so I am seriously just thinking about my bed and not the measurements. However please check out my favourite healthy chef Teresa's muesli muffins as these are as close to my recipe as I can recall. She truly does inspire me! Lunch Sandwich platter with various toppings, tuna, avocado, feta, tomato, spinach, cucumbers

We were out and about all afternoon and luckily packed snacks however were really fortunate to have these.... Afternoon snack Date scones

Date scones

My girlfriend made these and she gave me her Mums ingredients, quantity and method. These were to die for!!! Simply divine. I am determined to make these clean and will let you know how I go and post the recipe for sure!!!!

Dinner Honey soy chicken with potato salad and roasted chip carrots

Ingredients Chicken tenderloins (x2 packs) honey and soy sauce boiled eggs potatoes carrots cut into sticks

Method Mix honey soy ingredients in casserole dish and watch these babies glaze up. Ensure you don't over cook these as they will dry out! I also bake the potatoes and carrots while the oven is on as well. Another quick and lazy night for me to cook and just rely on the oven while I play with the kids.

Honey soy chicken

Oh yes the last pic is the dressing I poured on the potato salad. Simply mix yogurt, vinegar with some olive oil and add S&P and there you have a beautiful white dressing without the guilt AKA mayonnaise.

Hey!!! BTW I have a confession to make!!! This past week I have been loading myself up with that Cadbury Creations jelly popping chocolate and seriously wonder why my progress has plateaued??? "Keep eating that chocolate Dani, go on!!! Keep it up and you'll get to your goal!!!"


Goodnight all. From a chocolate junkie!

Xx Dani

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