Did you miss me? I missed you xx

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone, how are you?????

How was your weekend?

We had a fab few days and it has been so great to see the winters sun. We are certainly looking forward to our Spring and Summer here in Australia. Although my boys not so much as they suffer from hayfever, catch 22.

How have I been I hear you ask? Well......besides having my laptop away from my side for the past couple of days......

I've ditched caffeine drinks, including coffee and green tea. Day 3. PHEW! Kinda struggling but coping! A bit fatigued as well as I've done a couple of runs....SOOOO hungry!!!

My goals these next 12 days ~ just in case you forgot, well really they're here to remind me :-)

  • EAT NO SUGAR WHATSOEVER (this includes honey & maple syrup)
  • RUN AT LEAST X3 PER WEEK (on my day of rest AKA workout free days)

Okay so I've done pretty well with all of the above BUT on Sunday we did go down the beach and we had minimum chips on the beach watching the waves roll in....and on the way home a packet of mint and caramel slices just disappeared in my tummy. Between you and I, I really think they wanted to join the ab challenge. Seriously, this is tough!!! Like really tough to be so diligent. I will persevere.

I ran on Saturday and I'm sure you had a good laugh at my You tube stitch vid, it was made especially for you. I also ran today approx. 3km non-stop which was a good sign and a very slight stitch. Maybe I should not talk while I run with my running crew and just focus on my breathing, I think that's what it was. All I can say, is bring on October for the fun run so I can get this running over and done with. It's just one of my goals before I turn 40 to do a fun run. Unless I do like it.....we'll see.

Okay back to my glorious food, I am soooo in love with food....can't you tell??? How am I ever going to get those abs????

Pear porridge

Natural wholegrain flakes with fruit

Snacks and drinks
Vanilla protein shakes
Herbal teas

Classic nutmeg (without honey) milk drink takes me back when I was a kid.....

My beautiful girlfriends Celeste and Kelly know exactly what to bring over for morning snacks. All these goodies ARE SUGAR free!! Love you guys xxx

Recipes to be provided and linked under my FOOD tab *COMING SOON

Take away beef and pumpkin salad (dinner left overs)

Chicken, cheese salad sandwich on wholegrain bread

Home made pizza's various toppings from ham, pineapple, mushroom to the FB posts of olives, rocket, feta cheese. My husband is in PIZZA heaven, we can't remember the last time we ordered take away.

BBQ scotch fillets with pumpkin, feta and spinach salad

I'll be back on track now that my fabbo Mac Pro has been updated with the latest and greatest software. There is so much work ahead of me, updating and linking my recipes to the FOOD tab to make it easier for you to find my recipes. Things have been so crazy these last few days that I haven't had a chance to post the recipes. I promise, I WILL. I am a woman of my word. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Here is our day out on the weekend at the skate park!!

1. Noah teaching Adrian how to "drop in" at the skate bowl 2. Oscar & 3. Mietta scooter riding 4. Mum & Oz

I look forward to reading from you and thanks for all your wonderful posts and comments on Facebook, you really make my day!!!

Xx Dani

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