Day 9 TT12 - ab challenge

How is everyone today? The sun is shining my side of the world, life is beautiful and here we are again. Another day, another excuse to write to you beautiful people. Show you a glimpse of my world, food choices (although last night I was pretty pathetic on my way home), fitness and anything else I am doing.

Organic corn flakes with dried apple, sultana & pumpkin seeds

Morning snack
Strawberry smoothies

Mietta and I just blended strawberries leaves and all, gotta love the green leaves full of vitamins!!! Yogurt, a splash of milk, chia seeds & for Mietta's smoothie we added a drizzle of honey. I went al' natural!

Beef quinoa salad

This was such a tasty dish. I just warmed up some scotch fillet from the other day, cut up some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grated some carrots, crumbled some feta cheese, some lemon rind and juices from a lemon with some mint leaves. It simply tasted de-lish with a capital D!!!

Afternoon snack
Banana and handful of walnuts

Vegetable and bacon crustless quiche

W.e   a.r.e   h.u.n.g.r.y   ........   4 r.o.b.o.t.s   a.r.e   h.u.n.g.r.y!!!!!

I'm hoping you got the robotic voice in the above text :-) it must be late, I really need to get a wriggle on.

1 onion
1 red capsicum (bell pepper)
2 grated carrots
6 bacon rinds (fat removed)
12 eggs
handful of spinach
2 tablespoons of ricotta cheese
handful of parsley and mint
parmesan cheese
tasty cheese

Dice onions and bacon. Spray fry pan with olive oil and gently fry. While that's happening, chop up the capsicum and grate the 2 carrots and add to the bacon and onion mix. I then fold the spinach into this mix as well.

Just to save on dishes, I crack all my eggs in the casserole dish I bake my quiche. In this case I allocate 2 eggs per person. Add any herbs you have & seasoning, ricotta and whisk away. Add cheeses and pour onion mix into casserole dish, top with more cheese if you like. Bake at 180C degrees for an hour or until it's golden brown and doesn't wobble in the middle :-)

Day of rest today ~ no workout however been running outside with the kids and playing footy!

We had a terrific day today, the winter sunshine and 16C degree day was simply glorious. I am off to bed now as I am super tired from last night. Which reminds me, a great night to meet like minded people and hilarious to catch up with my brother Daniel. Yes, you heard right. My brother's name is Daniel and my name is Daniela. I'll leave you with that and a pic of us last night!! Goodnight until we meet again.

Sorry it was dark there and the Iphone has such a super flash, that we're over exposed!!!

Xx Dani

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