Day 9 - no sugar

NO SUGAR Day 9 picture designed by Noah Zlatko and Oscar Milan Stevens (my 6yo and 4yo boys)

Good morning my beautiful people, I hope this post finds you well. We are travelling really well, this bug has been vanished miraculously over night after a rub of Vicks on the kids feet. Can't believe I forgot to do that this winter. I highly recommend it. Don't ask me how it works but it just doesn't make the kids cough AT ALL throughout the night!!!

Okay so I thought I'd post and come back again to update pictures for those that want to see the food I ate today.

I've got my workout scheduled today 15 minutes of resistance training (I think I might do the circuit regime x4 rounds) as that really pushed my body and I really need to get out of my comfort zone. Also my interval training (60/30 x 10) I'll either do body weight squats with DB swings or burpees to just get my blood pumping a bit more. ***UPDATE*** Completed my training and must admit the reverse stomach crunches were a killer for 50 seconds, I really need to build my strength and endurance! 

What have you got planned for today?

I have my gorgeous girlfriend Jayne coming over with her son and daughter for a play this afternoon so I'm thinking of making some blueberry and apple muffins (as they're the only ingredients I have to make something) and I'll pretty much use the strawberry recipe concept and mix a bit of this and a bit of that, so stay tuned to those!!!

x3 Vitabrits with banana, strawberries and milk

Morning snack
fruit with yogurt

Left over pork with green beans, pine nuts and corn

Afternoon snack
blueberry and apple muffin

Bowl 1 (almond meal & self raising flour) Bowl 2 (egg, milk, chia seeds, macadamia oil, apple puree & concentrate)

These turned out super delicious if I do say so myself. As I eye ball most of my recipes I am determined to one day write out my exact measurements for anyone interested out there.... The picture with the icing was just the juice from the defrosted blueberries mixed with cream cheese (with a drizzle of apple concentrate). Yum!

Chicken boccocini with polenta (capers, rocket & tomato)

Marinade chicken, fry/poach chicken, add tomato, capers & basil. Pour over chicken in oven proof tray. Add boccocini

My girlfriend Jayne reminded me that there was sugar added in the original dinner menu I had planned this evening, burrito's so I whipped this dish up instead with what ingredients we had. Super tasty and flavoursome... I cooked the polenta as per package instructions and added parmesan cheese.

How is your Day 9 of NO SUGAR going? We are doing good and I think I might continue this throughout this 6 week transformation challenge I am doing (or at least do the sugar-less babes version). I'm in WEEK 4 and only 2 more weeks to go!!! WHOOOOOOSH!!!!! So see how I go. Need to keep my goals fresh aye?

See you again real soon XxDani

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