Day 8 TT12 - ab challenge

HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! How are you???????

I am very excited today, wasn't I yesterday as well? Anyways, my blood is pumping after a terrific workout this morning and I feel FANTASTIC!!! I needed the early night and a solid 12 hours sleep, I have been addicted to online social media and updating my blog that I was neglecting my Zzzzz's and in return my body.

It is so important to allow our bodies to rest and rejuvenate, I suppose that's why the winter bug has been here all winter as well. No rest for the wicked!

Which reminds me, stretching before a workout and afterwards is also imperative.

baby Zali stretching as well ;-)

Why? It helps lengthen and loosen our muscles. I suffer from a neck condition and if I get a pinched nerve (which I did this morning, ever so slightly, but enough to annoy me today) so I was a little quick with my warm up. Our muscles are cold first thing in the morning therefore contributes to a pulled and torn muscle. So please make time to warm up at least 5-10 minutes. Learn from my mistake :(
My FYM workout (A) of the month August was once again very challenging. I was struggling with the plank lateral (on your side) T up. That's where I kinda pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve, so I eased off with the dumb bell (DB) weight and just raised my arm up and down. I am still recovering from my pelvis instability (happened throughout all my 4 pregnancies) which causes all my ligaments to stretch and I really need to take care when I am exercising. So please ensure you do the same regardless of a previous injury or not. Also consult with your doctor before commencing any exercise regime to ensure you don't cause any unnecessary damage.
My interval training this morning consisted of knee taps and heel kicks for 60 seconds on and 30 seconds marching on the spot. I did this 12 times. Followed by a PWOS (post workout shake).
Frozen berry porridge

Morning snack
Corn pikelets with yogurt and chilli sauce
Quinoa tomato salad

I use wholemeal flour and make my self raising with baking powder

I found the recipe on Taste for those that need the right amount of quantity and step process as once again, I just throw in an egg, milk, flour, seasoning, corn, parsley, cheese and whisk it all up until I get the right consistency. Sorry about the focus on the pic, I was in a hurry and didn't get a chance to review....bad photographer huh?

Tuna pasta salad

Tin of tuna
Tin of crushed tomatoes
1/2 onion
handful of spinach
chilli powder
I boil some wholemeal/wheat pasta, in the meanwhile fry up some finely diced onion, add the tuna and tomato, season with S&P and chilli for my plate. Real quick and tasty lunch idea.

Afternoon snack
Cottage cheese with veggie sticks
Crackers with 2 hard boiled eggs

TBA Light refreshments are provided at the DP Unplugged event tonight
Looking forward to meeting other bloggers and brands/marketers/ PR peeps tonight as we discuss our blogging experience. At the rate I am going, I am here for the long haul. I love writing to you, glad you are reading and giving me comments (BTW that's the only reason why I do it, if you don't write me I'm no longer going to do it!! ) nah! Just joshing, it's a great outlet for me as well. It's given me the best gig of my life (besides being a parent of course!) as this is something I am truly passionate about and I love engaging with other people (rather be doing it face to face) but happy that we have this form of interaction as I can reach everyone across the globe.
I hope you are all well. Sending you loads of positive vibes your way and I look forward to meeting with you all again tomorrow. Same blog page, same gal, same attitude. MWAH!!!!!
Xx Dani

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