Day 8 - no sugar

Heeeeey there! It's been a very looooong day.....just found 5 minutes to sit down and write you. I hope you are well x

Most of us here are okay, just the typical winter bug blues :(

No workout today ~ day of rest

Oh yes the kids did this for our 8th day of no sugar. Oscar wants you to know his man represents the figure 8, just in case you didn't see it ;-P

Fruit salad porridge with yogurt and chia seeds

Morning snack
Corn thins with coconut and Vegemite
1/4 red capsicum AKA red bell pepper strips

Chicken herb & rocket salad with red capsicum, hummus, carrot garnished with lemon rind

Afternoon snack
Vanilla protein smoothie with milk
Coconut popcorn with the kids *watched Panda 2
1/2 cup strawberries

Pork schnitzel with corn and beans with flaked almonds

As a special treat from time to time, I fry schnitzels or rather when I'm running out of time, like tonight! I have started oven baking a lot of things since my clean eating journey but also because I can just leave it in the oven and continue playing with the kids, workout, do some house duties or write a quick entry here ;-)

I used to dust my chicken, fish or in this case pork with flour before the egg mixture. Now, I just pat the meat or fish dry with a paper towel AND I ALWAYS WASH my meat/fish. My Mother taught me to do this. More on that on another post. I then crack a couple of eggs, a dollop of yogurt and whisk the mixture. Dip and roll into fresh breadcrumbs (you can use whatever you have) and make sure you season your meat and a little in the egg mixture and breadcrumbs. Then heat the olive oil and watch these babes turn into golden crunchy delights.

For my green beans, I quickly steam them (I had them over the corn whilst it was cooking) and then ice them to keep their vibrance and crunch. Toss them in some olive and sesame seed oil, toast some almonds and mix them all together with a squeeze of lemon juice before serving. It's a pretty tasting dish.

1 cup of fruit salad (fresh bananas, strawbs & kiwi fruit) with yogurt and walnuts

I hope you had a wonderful day and I look forward to reading your comments in general and for those participating the 2 week no sugar challenge, let me know how you're day was.

Goodnight until we meet again XxDani

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