Day 8 - no added sugar

Hi. Yes. I am much better today than yesterday. Thank you for asking.

Sheesh! I haven't felt that bad in a while but I'm sure it was a combination of other things going on here. Restless nights with the warm weather and kids waking up for some water in the middle of the night. Remember we have 4, so they don't all wake up at the same time for that drink of water, it's sporadic!

New day today and guess what? NO ADDED SUGAR!!! Day 8! That's right, still going strong like you! Well done! Super proud of us all and it's so great we are all on the same road. Some of you are stronger than us (who could easily slip back and get into the sugar routine) to those that are doing this challenge for the very first time. This is huge! I don't think you realise what a superb effort you are doing!!!! BRAVO!!!! Xx

Today we made some of these fruit slush icy poles as the kids have been wanting dessert after dinner recently. So here's what we had after dinner tonight.

Sugar free icy poles

Grab whatever fruits you have and your blender and blend away!!! Set in moulds until frozen and enjoy!
with 1 banana and milk

Morning snack
corn things with laughing cow cheese, avocado and tomatoes 

Tuna bean salad 
1 small tin of tuna
1/2 cup beans mix (red kidney, chick peas etc...)
1/2 cup corn
1 sliced small cucumber
squeeze of lemon
So light and very refreshing. When I don't have time to make or cook a lunch, this is my tin pantry emergency food. Simply mix all the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy! 

Afternoon snack
yogurt with strawberries and canteloup 


Clean eating home made pizza's

For the base I'll crush in a garlic, sprinkle chia seeds, oregano and rosemary herbs and the base is like a herb bread which I make with wholemeal flour. For those celiac or wheat=belly bloat readers, use gluten free flour. I also need to make mention that when you do this pizza base in your fry pan, heat your grill in your oven. Once you add the toppings in the pan and the base is cooked (takes 2 minutes), all you need to do is further melt the toppings and crust under the griller (another 2-4 minutes). 
NB: you don't bake this pizza in an traditional oven style method. It's the Jamie Oliver pizza stove stop type pizza which will never make you buy take away pizza EVER AGAIN! We love it!!!

Here's an example of how I cook it on the stove top in a fry pan...... 
Healthy quick and easy pizza's 

Clean eating pizza's ready in 5 minutes!!! 

Dessert no added sugar icy poles
Also for those that read my post yesterday about healthy sugar alternatives. Let me know your thoughts. 
Everyone has different views, Sarah Wilson author of I QUIT SUGAR talks about it. She also makes reference to David Gillespie's SWEET POISON book, his entire family has NADA as well! I have to get that book as well to read up on all this sugar stuff. Anyone else read these books or is it just me???? 
Before I go, just a gentle reminder to.......
WE CAN DO THIS!!! See you tomorrow.
Xx Dani

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