Day 7 TT12 - ab challenge

Half way mark gone! I have really been a bit slack today with my scheduled workout so I'm giving it a miss and heading to bed early. I know! SHOCK HORROR! Especially for those readers that know me personally, when I stick to something I do it RAIN, HAIL or SHINE. Well there's no rain, hail or sunshine here peeps, just a very inviting bed calling my name. I must listen to my body and get some rest.

I hope you are all keeping on track and eating clean.

I am still pretty pumped about this whole tighter tummy AKA ab challenge and

So let's keep up the momentum and let me know how you are tracking, I miss your comments....
No workout today 
Plenty of play with the kids today and even managed to make one of these colourful egg carton caterpillars!!!

Amazing what a bit of paint can create!!


This kept Mietta and I busy for most of the morning!!!

BTW I have just come across these beauties NO sugar, NO preservative and full of flavour and a great snack and treat for the kids on the way home from school :-)

Wholegrain porridge (oats, rye, barley & linseed) with fruit

Morning snack
Cottage cheese with fruit

Chicken, cheese and lettuce sandwiches with tomato parsley quinoa

Afternoon snack
Mixed fruit and nuts
Salad with 2 hard boiled eggs

Rainbow chicken soup

Goodnight everyone. I can't wait to catch up with you tomorrow. Just in case I miss 2mrw's post (as I will be out at DP Unplugged tomorrow night) I'll be back on Wednesday.

Xx Dani

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