Day 7 - no sugar

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!!!! We're half way through our no sugar challenge !!!! Woo hoo!!!!

I hope you all survived the weekend. I AM SO PROUD of you for doing a whole week without sugar!!! Sure some may have stumbled but it was ever so innocently, besides you picked yourself up and back on track.


What else has been happening in your world besides this sugar challenge?

Oh yes a quick update with my kids & husband. They have been super good. Even when going to the movies today however after the session they came home for a quick snack and opened up a can of Baked Beans and yes you guessed it, jam packed with sugar!!! My fault, as I should have boxed them up! They are out of our pantry for good next time, although I do remember an old flame of mine after training, he would rinse out the tomato sauce and mix with some tuna. Find your balance, I say...

250ml pre workout smoothie (oats, banana and milk)

Did an intense 50/10 circuit with 4 rounds and boy did I work up a sweat!!! Followed by my 60/30 interval training only 10 rounds consisting of squats, rowing, heel kicks etc...Absolutely spent!

Morning snack
Post workout drink 250ml scoop of protein powder with milk
1 mandarin

2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast
side salad (spinach, roasted capsicum AKA bell pepper & feta cheese)

Afternoon snack
Yogurt with kiwi, frozen blueberries, walnuts, chia & sesame seeds

Chicken kebabs served on rocket, tomato & olive salad with hommus

I mix whatever ingredients I have, in this instance feta cheese, minced garlic, grated carrot, parsley & tarragon 

Hope you had a sensational weekend. Here's a snippet of our weekend snaps! xx Dani

(1) Movie times!!! (2) YAY! Jack Frost was here! (3) Beach bike ride (4) VIP visitor chilling out

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