Day 7 - no added sugar challenge

We're half way there!!! Woo hoo!! How good!!! I'm pretty excited myself, the sensational R&B artist Craig David (7 days) is following me on Instagram so in commemoration along with motivating me for a further 7 days, here is the wonderful Craig David below. He's looking in tip top shape I must admit.

Craig David 7 days
Today was another hot day but managed to squeeze in my FYM workout and was happy to get a few chores done while Zali was asleep. Things can get on top of me if I don't do little things every single day. If I leave one little thing, it's double the amount the next day.

How are you going? What's your eating been like, minus all this sugar? Are you bringing your snacks? Making your lunch, choosing healthy meals when not at home? Doing your meal preps etc....?

Here's mine for the day.

Poached eggs with smoked salmon and asparagus
Vegetable sticks with sweet potato dip
Salad in a wholemeal wrap 180 Nutrition protein shake
3 serves of fruit and handful (5-6) of walnuts
Salmon grilled with vegetables

Quick bbq tonight and made life real simple by placing the zucchini and sweet potato on there as well. Dinner ready in 10 minutes!!!

Dessert Choc berry mud sorbet from Sarah Wilson's IQS book.

I really had a terrible day today with a banging head ache and really super duper lethargic! Feeling better now as I type but sheesh I hit a slump between 12-5pm!!!

Hope you are feeling well and look forward to reading your comments below. Half way there!!! YAY! So proud of you!!!

Xx Dani

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