Day 6 TT12 - ab challenge

Hi all, how are you?

All good here, slowly on the mend. Have I told you we have had the winter bug hanging out at our place this winter?? Yeah, it's just been rotating with each child and then Adrian and I will get it and then the domino effect starts again.

All in all, we are all troopers. Not complaining. Although I do love playing nurse. The "extra" cuddles and laying on the couch moments, are pretty good times even with a runny nose and tissues all over the place.

Yes our traditional crepes again! I'll start re-linking my recipes from my other posts here.

This time I have added banana's in my mixture, which sometimes doesn't need any toppings!

I did have our usual supportive toppings eg: coconut butter, "sugar cane" free strawberry jam, lemon and honey, oranges etc... I'll link my crepe recipe here ASAP.

No workout today however been planking to strengthen the core and these abs :-)

Morning snack
Yogurt and fruit

Chicken burger & vegetable salad with a vinaigrette dressing

Chicken burger salad

Afternoon snack
Handful of mixed nuts and fruit
1 apple

We were out and about this afternoon so always have these types of snacks on hand.

BBQ grill meats, veggies and salad

Scotch fillets, lamb cutlets, cevapi, sausages and mini burgers
This is typically my night off when the barby is on and Adrian is the cook, I prepare and sit back and relax....I didn't picture our veggies but we had brocolli and corn with a spinach and tomato side salad.

Okay another short and sweet post as I am off to watch one of my fave shows True Blood. Didn't manage to squeeze in a run today, will endeavour to fit one in this week.

Hope you had a terrific weekend and are on track with your food, exercise and our mini little ab challenge. By the way, how are you going? Any questions???

Xx Dani

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