Day 6 - no sugar

WITHOUT SUGAR, how you doing? As you can see, the no sugar is getting my creative juices flowing by my food styling above ;-) ha! ha!

We are doing fabulous here. No temptation, no yearning for anything sweet and why would we when we had this for breakfast!!!!

Sugar free pancakes

Strawberry jam, caramelised coconut bananas, yogurt & walnuts

The kids love making their own toppings and wrapping their pancakes AKA crepes. Noah even had his mouth full and said: "I can't belie-ffff these don't have sugar Mum!!!???"

WHAT'S IN THE PANCAKE MIX? Above ingredients PLUS milk (sometimes I use buttermilk) & eggs

HOW I MAKE MY COCONUT CARAMELISED BANANAS (I use coconut butter in the frying pan)

Morning snack
left over bananas with yogurt & walnuts (this was only one banana serve)

2 fried eggs in olive oil
left over green lentil soup (from Zali's lunch) sprinkled with feta
1 tomato

Afternoon snack
chickpeas (I roasted these myself, will provide pics and post the recipe soooon!)
celery sticks

TBA it's typically left overs/freezer meals or my pantry surprise this week (will update pics ASAP)

How is the weather your part of the world? My kids woke up this morning and thanked Jack Frost for coming to their house for a visit. It was their closest to snow experience EVER!!! If I could only bottle the joy and send it your way, it would definitely make you smile!!!

They loved it so much! Even if it was -1C degrees out there!!!

My rockstar kids Mietta, Noah and Oscar AKA Romper
(different kid from our long haired surfer dude ~ a post about that some other time)

I've been home all day trying to recoup from this tonsillitis and yes Zali took great care of her Mama while my darling Adrian took our other 3 kids down to the beach. They seem to be having fun on their bikes.....

Until tomorrow, I hope you can join me XX

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