Day 6 - no added sugar challenge

It was a super duper hot day today. Lucky we have our pool now, huh? The only drama I am faced with these days is the leave in conditioner or treatment I need to have for having my hair wet all the time! Yeah right, like that's a real dilemma in my life..... Seriously who has time to do their hair at school pick up time? Swoop it all up in a bun, clip one of those funky clips in it and I'm off. Just need to air out the hair and rewash and treat it with care over this hot heat and salt/chlorinated pool. Otherwise, I will be abusing my hair! Any whooooo!!! I sound like I need some sugar, don't I?


Relatively breezy, easy, lemon squeezy here. Only because I have been down this road before and I can't stress how important it is to have a meal plan. YOU NEVER FAIL. Back in my corporate days my manager used to say plan your work, work your plan and that I did!!!!

So here I am bringing those skills to you LIVE! on Fitness Food And Style!!! :)

Organic corn flakes with almond milk and 1 banana
Hard boiled eggs x2 with sugar snap peas and cucumber
4 beans salad mix
Yogurt fondue with cantaloupe, kiwi & strawberries
Yogurt fondue

This was super refreshing today and such a great idea when you have visitors over. I sometimes also make flavoured yogurt fondue by blitzing a mango through it, or some walnuts, chia seeds etc....just for some texture when you dip your fruit in it!

BBQ meat platter with grilled vegetables and salad
BBQ meat platter with lamb chops and stuff mushrooms

I typically season our meat with S&P, crush some garlic and with lamb a sprig of rosemary in the mix. The mushrooms I also seasoned and crushed some garlic and added some beautiful Meredith Goats Cheese, sprinkled some parsley.

Dessert Avocado and coconut popsicles recipe in Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar book.

These went down a treat! Our kids are used to things looking a bit green as we typically make our SHREK or HULK smoothies after school with a banana, handful of spinach, chia seeds and milk/yogurt.

Okay, I'm off to jump in the pool to cool down. See you back here tomorrow. Nearly half way guys Xx Dani

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