Day 5 - no sugar

We are nearly approaching hump day...or rather the half way mark. Do you like how I'm speeding things up a bit ;-) I know, I know there's 2 more days to go and yes they fall over the weekend but seriously you can DO THIS!!! I believe in you!!! SO SO MUCH! You know the drill about how the brain is the most powerful thing in the world, so lets prove it!!!!

How are we all doing anyway? I hope you are surviving okay. If my 6, 4 and 2yo can do it, SO CAN YOU!!!! ;-) I know there are innocent hiccups along the way and that is not really a reason to be hard on yourself, so start afresh and stick to your plan.

So as some of you may know I have had a sore throat these past few days (very painful in fact when swallowing) but you know what? It didn't stop me!

I did my 30mins workout combined the 2 RT & IT today (15mins resistance and 15mins interval training)  sure I feel a little lethargic with this tonsillitis bug but I soldiered on. Didn't push myself to the extreme like I normally would as I listen to my body and if it's telling me to stop, then I stop. It wasn't quite telling me to stop but I slowed it right down.

In fact for my intervals I did MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS in a stand up position. Talk about improvisation!!!

NB: For those of you that know me, you know when I set a goal, I really want to prove to myself that I can do what I say I'm going to do. Which kinda applies to my life in general. I am a woman of my word so whatever I say, is the honest truth and I appreciate when my friends do the same.

Strawberry & pear bircher muesli (I also added dates, walnuts, yogurt with cinnamon)

Morning snack 
pre work out protein shake
fruit with cottage cheese

Omelette pizza's AKA frittata left overs from last night

Afternoon snack
Hummus and veggie sticks (yes I know I am a bit of a planner but it's great not to think about what to eat when it's already set up for you like this)

Lamb kebabs with spinach and tomato, served with yogurt (I'll post a pic tonight)

Fruit salad with nuts & yogurt (if I get peckish this evening)

Wishing everyone a glorious weekend and I look forward to sharing our wend Sat/Sun snaps! What have you got planned this weekend???

XX Dani

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