Day 4 - no sugar


Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing sensational. Yes to all those participating on this sugar free challenge and those just stopping by ;-) How are you? Leave me your comments, I would love to hear from you.

I have woken up with the sorest RHS tonsil and ear. Will go to the docs as I think they are truly infected!!! ANYWAYS enough about my pain.....

My day today will be filled with glorious domestic bliss, I have 4 lovely loads of washing to fold and more washing and drying as I type ;-) followed by a school holiday catch up with a combined group of new friends, Noah's primary school and Oscar's 4yo Kinda friends at 2pm. Really looking forward to it. In fact I have strawberry muffins with no sugar baking in the oven as I type. We do not want to get tempted by the lollies and other sweet stuff that these party play house centres have...WORK THE PLAN and then THE PLAN WORKS for you.

So my plan of attack of rest no actual workout (besides this tonsil/ear pain has completely drained all my energy!!!) however as I am on my feet all day, I feel that I am moving my body and not just sitting behind a computer like I did back in my "paid" working days ;-)

Breakfast Bircher muesli (love the stuff, already pre made for me!)

Morning snack Yogurt with fruit salad

Lunch TBA as my throat is so sore when I swallow

Afternoon snack Green smoothie (spinach, yogurt, protein powder, banana & chia seeds) I'll whip this up before we head out to our school holiday catch up. Tea at the play centre of coffee and possibly a bite off my kids strawbs muffin ;-)

Dinner Pumpkin soup

Picture 1 peel & roast pumpkin Picture 2 fry onions with spices & fresh ginger Picture 3 Add roasted pumpkin & stir Picture 4 Add chicken stock and allow to boil

This was a super quick version of my pumpkin soup tonight, I'm sure you have your favourite spin. I typically just throw in whatever I have in the pantry. Tonight I put Moroccan spices eg: cumin, coriander etc... along with turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg with freshly grated ginger. DE-JOUR!!!!!

How did you go without sugar 4 days in a row? Also would love your feedback with my pictures especially the body ones, too much? I recall someone saying I was very brave to post my body pics like that, or referred to me as a proud person. I really just want to keep things real and tell the honest truth of the journey I have had when it comes to body transformation after having 4 kids. Hopefully it will give some women hope that they can get their body back after having babies. My goal is to show it in a healthy & fit way!

Have a superb, fun-tastic and sensational day!!!! Hang on let me just double check which pill I just popped, this sounds like one of my happy pills ;-)))))) ha ha ha NAH! THAT'S JUST HOW I ROLL XXX

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