Day 4 - no added sugar challenge

Hello my beautiful friends, how are you? Me? A little pressed for time tonight, so I will need to make this post real short and sweet. I also need to find MORE time and get stuck into Sarah Wilson's IQS ebook and get the nutritional table and food comparisons to you PRONTO!!!

What can you do to avoid eating sugar foods? Plan your meals. This is key! Even if it's for 2 days in advance. For an example;

Take your piece of fruit and walnuts when you go out.... to a play date, friends catch up, shopping WHEREVER?? You know what you are putting in your mouth rather than the muffins they will be serving or those nice smelling donuts you can smell in shopping centres!!! You are in control remember, if you want this you will pack your food and prep your meals.

Exercise today

Did my resistance training and man I ALWAYS get a complete body workout. I love the fact that it only takes me 15 minutes to workout in the comfort of our own home while I can still play with the girls. Had a refreshing dip in the pool afterwards with a cool down stretches.

Style update I get such a buzz when I can still look like the Gwen Stefani's of the world without paying the same price tag! Today I snapped up 3 pairs of jeans for $30! Back in the days I would've spent $250 on a PAIR of jeans alone!!! But no! Not today! They are such a lovely pastel colour, just the right summer denim to slip my legs into! Either go to your local Factorie store or simple buy online and snap this bargain!

Coloured denim in lemon,  iceberg and baby pink 


Waffles with ricotta and blueberries
Blueberry waffles
Same as my crepes mix, I either blend oats into fine flour or wholemeal AKA wheat, add some eggs, vanilla beans and buttermilk. Typically I make the mixture that little bit more thicker. This was a lot quicker for our breaky this morning using the waffle machine and we ate them with ricotta and fresh blueberries. Then flew to school drop off!!!!


Yogurt with fresh raspberries
Vegetable frittata 
Fruit smoothie with 2 serves of fruit
Vegetable and beef stir fry
Again a super quick meal for me when I'm short on time and swimming in the pool all afternoon with the kids!!!
1). Heat olive oil in wok and add chopped onions and crushed garlic
2). Add beef strip and cook through
3). Add your choice of vegetables (frozen is fine) and preferred sauce and dinner is done!
We served ours with brown rice tonight.
How is everyone coping without sugar. I have done this before so I am doing okay. As long as the stuff isn't in the house, I'm good. However I won't lie as I type this, I could easily open up a block of chocolate and smash it!!
I won't though, we are doing this together. If I can't, YOU CAN'T!!! We can do this!!! See you tomorrow.
Xx Dani

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