Day 3 - TT12 ab challenge

This will be the quickest post of my life. Dinner is cooking and ready to be served any minute.

Workout *check*

Resistance FYM training (RT) done and seriously these NEW August super sets are killing me!! In a good way! I am so glad I only have to exercise for 15 minutes, as you know I am very time poor so if you are the same, do yourself a favour and grab the 50% off Fat loss and lifestyle system FYM ebook!

My interval training (IT) will be the Killer Core and Cardio workout that Jackie from Crabtree Fitness Professionals specifically designed for those not following me and for my male followers.

I will let you know how I go tonight!!! I'm a little nervous as my endurance isn't as good as the peeps at Bootcamp. I'm only a 15 minute workout girl!!!! :-))) well 30 minutes really. I do both the RT and IT workouts in one day and then have a day of rest in between. Alternatively you can work out 6 days per week, 15 minutes with one day of rest. I prefer having every second day as my day of rest.

NB: I will not be doing the KCC program over these next 3 weeks, rather I am following the FYM system. I just want to try it once :-) so I can relate to my readers that are following this program.

My day whizzed past me SUPER fast again today. Jam packed with a lot of dancing (that is one of Mietta's most favourite activities) and those of you that know me....I didn't get my nick name ROCKSTAR for nothing!!! Well it's now ROCKSTAR MAMA :-))) enough about me....we then got painting until I had this idea to crystallise some converse sneakers for the girls!!!!

I had these crystals for Zali's 1st bday activity for the kids crowns but I forgot about them? So used them on the boys old converse runners that I was about to throw out. Pretty cool, I think I'll be doing the same with mine!!!

Now for my food for the day.....

Wholemeal chia bread with avocado and tomatoes
2 hard boiled eggs & feta cheese

***completed my workout routine****

Morning snack
Vanilla protein shake (PWOS-post workout shake)
1 banana
handful of almonds

Potato and bacon style veg salad

Boil potatoes, fry up 1/2 an onion with some bacon, add S&P with other herbs if you wish and add the potato! Serve with fresh salad.

Afternoon snack
Laughing cow cheese

Chicken schnitzels and brocolli

Dust chicken in seasoned (S&P) flour, dip in eggs and roll in fresh or (store bought) breadcrumbs with parmesan cheese and parsley. Here's a recipe I have Googled for you the closest recipe to mine (as you know how slack I am with my bad am I?)

*****going to complete my Interval Training tonight 7:15pm*****

There you have it my beautiful people, short or what? What's happening with your clean eating and exercise regime? Did you eat some chocolate like I did last night? WTH? I am boxing that stuff away as I CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!! Are you being diligent or wishing to be???

Come on!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! WE can do it together. It's easy peasy......I'm here with you remember! So let's get these abs ready to rock and roll :-) See you tomorrow...

Xx Dani

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