Day 14 - no sugar LAST DAY!!!

This is it!!! Our last day without sugar.

How time flies when you're having fun, aye??? ;-))))

I am, sincerely from the bottom of my heart grateful for all those that participated with me in this 2 week sugar free challenge. Here, on Facebook, via sms, email and face to face. It is so wonderful to see such support stretched over the oceans and across the globe, about a health issue that is really effecting peoples health today. Let it be heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity etc...

Where to from here my beautiful people? Let me know what you have learnt by this experience and what are your plans moving forward?


I will continue down my sugar free path as I still have a couple of weeks to go with the Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Transformation Challenge AKA Winter here in Australia. However I will allow the honey and maple syrup for recipe purposes. I will also be very mindful of any products with more than 5g of sugar in them. I don't want to go too hardcore and be so strict on myself (or our kids for that matter) as I do not want to sabotage how far I have come thus far....

No workout today ~ day of rest

Breakfast Oats and almond meal pancakes with yogurt, blueberry and almond flakes

I really tried to do measurements for you guys but I struggled as I had the kids in the background wanting to help and I typically just pour a little bit of this, a little bit of that. However as a guide, I put 1/2 cup almond meal and 2 cups of oats, sprinkle of cinnamon and then mixed an egg and 1 cup of milk in a separate bowl, poured the wet ingredients into the dry until I got the right consistency. There was still a bit of wet mixture left over which I then used to make them more crepe style pancakes.

1. Blend oats 2. until flour consistency 3. mix wet and dry ingredients 4. pour onto lightly greased frypan
The texture of the oats and almond meal aren't like the nice soft crepe ones I make for the kids and Adrian so I only made my 3 pancakes. Then added a cup of wholemeal flour and milk until I got the right consistency and made the below for the rest of the family.
The kids loved the frozen blueberry yogurt,  coconut butter and no cane sugar strawberry jam toppings & milk
This was Noah's crepe filled with natural yogurt which froze when we placed frozen blueberries....

The hot crepe melted the blueberries and yogurt and made such a beautiful flavour in your mouth! I had to have a bite of Noah's it looked THAT GOOD!!! Morning snack Apple Mixed nuts Lunch Left over frittata

Afternoon snack Organic corn chips with hummus dips and carrot sticks

I had a night off :-) and went out for dinner to The Steakhouse tonight. Here we are waiting patiently for our food.....

Pork spare ribs, lightly fried onion rings and mushrooms stuffed with feta cheese YUMMO!! Sparkling mineral water for drinks.

Oh yes, for those that are in Ballarat you would know of the large Minties jar at this restaurant. WE ALWAYS grabbed a handful before leaving the restaurant but tonight we just walked by....

Okay that's a wrap for me tonight, I am soooo tired. Had a restless night!!!! Here are some snippets of our weekend. See you tomorrow xxDani

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