Day 14 - no added sugar challenge on Valentines Day

WE DID IT!!!! 14 days with no added sugar! Bravo! I am so pleased you all took the plunge and read your labels with all that extra uneccessary added sugar and replaced it with the natural foods that have already has sugar in them (as our bodies still need some sweetness :-)

How do you feel? Did you think you were not able to do the no sugar over 14 days? What now? Can you try to continue it and allow yourselves a treat once or twice a week? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!! Breakfast 180 Nutrition coconut protein drink 1 banana chia seeds milk

*For your exclusive 10% discount on any 180 Nutrition product simply use my 264464 promo number at checkout  Morning snack Watermelon and mango fruit salad with ricotta Lunch Eggs with asparagus

Asparagus with poached eggs on wholegrain bread

Afternoon snack Spinach dip (store bought with no added sugar or preservatives) with wholemeal crackers

Healthy kids snack dip with crackers

We've had a superb day! A lot of fun in the sun today with the heat being over 30C degrees. I was going to make dessert from Sarah Wilson's IQS but we opted against it as we just wanted the frogurts we made yesterday! Although having said that Noah did ask for a special request that we go buy that healthy dark chocolate because a little sugar is okay as long we don't consume the entire block! He obviously doesn't know his mother!!!! HA! Well the old one anyway...... Dinner BBQ porterhouse steak with vegetables

Porterhouse house steak with steamed vegetables

Instagram your day!!!

I will be running a mini challenge called #igyourday over in Instagram land until the end of the month and of course here on my blog, Twitter and Facebook page. Just share what you do throughout your day and we can all learn off each other, how to best utilise our day as everyone says how busy they are. Let's see how everyone fits in their healthy living, eating, fitness regime, work/study, family time, hobby etc.... so it doesn't matter if you are student, single parent, family of 8 we can all get ideas on how best to manage our time and day. Please join in and invite your friends!

Watch this space and let me know if you will still be doing the no added sugar as part of your new healthy regime. I know I will be!!!! Especially when I see results like this!!!


Until next time.

♥ Dani

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